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Yes, love lilac, yellow and green.
– I will see Klaus, I will tell him that he yelled corn.
– What does Klaus have here? You came to me not in the same shoes.
I learned all this from your uh, wardrobe.
By the way, a real gentleman in no hurry to buy a tie.
Ugh, what a beauty.
I was determined to clear Klaus’s physiognomy.

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– So, come through.
Here it is, please.
Look around, you can touch everything, if you find it funny – then try on.
In a room with white walls with a rare beige strip there was a grand piano, a pair of dressmaker dummies and a wardrobe woven from wicker rods.
The wardrobe was ajar.
It hung in it.
Especially and exclusively female “things”.
A new tie began to choke my neck.
Try on? Well, Klaus, you’re dead in the big half.
I looked at the apron with intricate lace.
– You are too chaste for the newlyweds.
– I would like to order you a suit.
Men’s suit.
Of course, if you are such orders.
– This is my specialty.
Get undressed.
– Uh-uh? In my opinion, I was wrong.
– The floor above really lives a transvestite named Poppind.
If you go there, then you, yes, were mistaken.
And the male tailor is here.
Ah, you were not warned about my method.
I dress a man.
But for this I need him to be naked.
You will not insist that I put a wedding suit on top of this half-cover and trousers.
I will be in five minutes.
Do you bring coffee I swallowed loudly.
– It would be nice.
She turned to exit.
Yes, she was really only an apron.
Hairpins were gone.
I, as I was advised, looked around.
Perhaps things better put on the piano.
So, pullover.
Esus Maria, I have a terribly stale, two-day underwear.
No, get dressed and escape from this nightmare.
And then long time to clobber the malicious grin of Klaus.

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– Yes, you are not ready yet! So, good laundry! It definitely suits you.
Young men love black in these matters.
Take off.
Yes, shoot.
Oh, you are well built.
Straight legs.
Wide chest.
Always envied men – you can walk down the street without a bodice.
So, hips.
Yeah, the classic 46th.
But still we take our measurements so as not to miss.
On her neck was a bright orange dressmaker centimeter.
She came up to me and smiled.
– Turn around.
And do not be so nervous.
I turned.
About “do not be nervous” everything was very bad.
She wrapped her arms around my waist.
Slipped a centimeter.
– Eighty eight.
I swallowed loudly.
And he tried to joke.
– This is not my most convincing option.
– Perhaps.
So, shoulder girth.
Yes, really good.
My “most convincing parameter” at that time began to behave in the most bestial manner.
A familiar shiver ran through me faster than usual.
What am I doing? I have a wedding in two weeks.
I caught her hand.
– And what about this? – I lowered her arm from the shoulder line lower than the waist line.
– With this? – she still stood behind me, – I think, 18 centimeters.
But the style is unlikely to be reflected.
She put to him, that is – to me, her tailor centimeter.
– That is how it is.
Turn around.
I almost fainted.
And – for sure – I could not help myself.
I slowly turned to her.
– I offer single-breasted, with small lapels.
High fastener on four buttons.
Pockets without valves.
– Yes, without klapanooof-f.
Another moment, and I die.
I will die from the gap.
No, however, it still did not break.
This nature did conscientiously.
She looked at me with her clear blue eyes.
And knelt down.
– Think about the color of the material.
Red, purple, gray, yellow, cherry and turquoise circles swam in front of me.
I touched her hair.
They were warm, soft and tender.
I closed my eyes.
When I opened one eye, I saw her apron.
He was lying on the floor, next to my face.
My face, as well as everything else, lay on the carpet.
Next was she.
“Have you made sure that I am parting with my pins and needles for a while?” – Yes, you absolutely.
not prickly.
She turned on her back.
Her chest sharply outlined against the blued side of the piano.
She threw a centimeter oilcloth ribbon over my neck.
And quietly pulled to her.
From it came a divine, intoxicating aroma of warmth and sensuality.
– I was always jealous of sewing machines.
They have a surprisingly clear rhythm.
– But how much noise! Yes, and stitches are too frequent.
No, real things are done only by hand.
Here give me your hand.
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