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A pleasant heaviness appeared in the lower abdomen, but the girl was in no hurry to relieve the feeling of sucking emptiness within herself.
The young man’s palms lay on the girl’s delightful chest and froze for a second, and then they began to gently massage the soft hemispheres with circular movements.
Christina touched her nipples and felt their hardness, and then the young man’s fingers squeezed them and began to twist gently, causing the first quiet moan to break from the lips of parted lips.
Warm fingertips favorite loved the girl to lose composure.
She has already forgotten what is in the forest, what is surrounded by night darkness from all sides, and somewhere in the distance she is waiting for a soft bed.
Now for her, there was only her body shrouded in fantasy that had swallowed him.
Christina never satisfied herself, considering such an act low and dirty, although sometimes she would immensely want to plunge into the raging sea of ​​pleasure.
However, she struggled with this desire, as with the insane call of the flesh.
But now the young man was too persistent.
His slyly cheerful look excited, his viciously contoured lips turned on, his thin tender fingers deprived mind.
The girl’s right hand lifted itself off the hot bosom and slowly slipped, pressing down the cool silk of her shirt to her slightly rounded tummy.

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The fingers of her left hand slightly tightened the sensitive cone of the nipple, and Christina’s back arched herself from an unexpectedly pleasant sensation, which even stopped the movement of her right hand.
But the young man froze not for long.
The warm palm continued on its way and already stroked a neat triangle of curls, which never felt razor blades on themselves, which did not make thin sparse hairs long.
Once the girl was terribly embarrassed by the fact that her crotch for a girlish goal, while the peaks of her peers had already begun to grow, but time passed, and nature timidly took its toll.
Christine felt the light trembling of the wind on her lips and the young man, bending down, kissed her, while squeezing her fingertips between her tight thighs.
Some bit of consciousness was still trying to resist animal delusion, although where could it be with the power of true lust.
The middle finger found the path of the delicate skin and slid down it.
The girl fluttered, feeling how soft fingertips run lower and lower and how her own body filled with long-forgotten sensations.
The ghostly young man moved to the girl’s legs and spread them apart, revealing her hidden beauty to his gaze.
Christine imagined how he was leaning toward her bosom, dropping to him with her skillful lips, and at the same second her fingers touched the cherished entrance, feeling its moisture.
Slightly pressing the middle finger, he went inside her burning body, while the big groped knob at the base of the labia.
Christine saw the young man’s tongue pressing on the point of her enjoyment, and then sparks of happiness flashed in her brain.
The ghost of the forest continued to

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caress her clitoris, at the same time penetrating with a finger into it deeper and deeper.
The girl’s legs trembled from tension, her chest caressed with the other hand, trembling from quick short breaths, and parted lips dropped languid moans into the night air. Russian live webcam sex.

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