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Who knows how to raise children today.
Then I remembered that there was an interesting book in my bag and, having found it, was forgotten in reading.
Turkey was pleased with the bright sun, the queue at customs, fast transfer to the hotel.
Arriving and unpacking luggage, I went to the beach.
I will describe the territory of the hotel a bit.
A piece of the shore turned out to be tiny, far from such that it was promised in advertising.
There were water slides with jumping kids, clean sun beds, a beach and pool bar.
Probably all is well, I thought, and proceeded to the program a maximum: I went to the room, put on red swimming trunks, took a towel from the attendants and went to the beach.
Vodicka was cold and I warmed my sides in the sun until the evening, turning from one side to another, for tanning evenness.
Well, from the very first moment

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I began to look for a victim for my holiday romance.
After all, rest without sex is always half the time past.
Then again I noticed the family of the aircraft.
Yes, they hit the same hotel as me.
All three of them in bathing suits and towels came to sunbathe.
The kids ran for a swim, and my mother lay down a few loungers from me, turned her booty and began to read a book.
At last I could see her closer.

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I must say that her figure was perfect.
Slender legs, round, trimmed butt, narrow waist, long and slightly curly hair.
Before she lay down, I managed to wonder at her breasts.
Having two children to keep elasticity.
It didn’t fit in my head.
Having lain about an hour by the water, I went to inspect the local bar, drank 3 glasses of nasty cognac in a row, ate french fries and decided it was time to get some rest.
Returning to the room at 8 pm, having a shower, I decided not to wear clothes and lie down to lie.
I fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up to the noise of the mosque, which woke everyone up with a hoarse and loud recording of some kind of prayer.
Out of habit, I did not dress and went to the balcony.
Probably the girl from the neighboring hotel was the most surprised, she was sunbathing in the first rays of the sun when a sleepy uncle came out onto the balcony with a member sticking out of her morning erection and started to squint in the sun.
The girl sprinkled delightfully into the cam, and I, ashamed, went into the shower, shaving, brushing my teeth and getting ready for breakfast.
For dinner, the whole community of hotel guests came to the beach.
There were many Germans, but the Russians made up the majority.
It is a pity, but there were no free singles.
All were in pairs and, it seems, everyone was very pleased with himself, with life and rest.
Probably, I would feel that way too, but the desire began to rise in me.
Lack of sex for three days drives me crazy, and I’m on a starvation diet for 2 days.
Bored in the heat, I decided to take a walk in the shade of the trees and noticed a Turk selling roses.
A dollar, and I can bring happiness to everyone with my attention.
And in shorts that same dollar was lying around.
The rose was velvety, burgundy.
A couple of drops of water, delicate aroma.
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