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The Empress carefully examined the prisoner.
Only now she noticed that the nipple of the left breast of the captive was decorated with a small golden ring.
She peered more closely at her face, trying to remember.
– Her face.
it seems familiar to me.
– thoughtfully handed Esther.
– ABOUT! Yes this is Summer! Our baby Summer! Remember me? The girl gave her a fierce look.
– Esther.
So that you died, the creature.
– Ay-yay-yay, how rude.
But once we were so friendly.
However, you always went for Seriniti, like a little dog on a leash.
By the way, do you know where my sister is now? “Even if I knew, you think you would have said it?” You can do whatever you want with me, but I will not betray Serinity.
– What confidence.

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You will tell me everything I want to know, Letha, and with joy.
As soon as you go through proper training.
These words made the girl turn pale.
– What.
are you going to do? – Well.
as you yourself said, whatever I want.
And when we finish, you will beg me to continue.
Roll her two servings.
Frida got injectors with a drug that repeatedly increased sexual excitability and sense of pleasure.

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In this case, the drug did not dull the pain, which made it an ideal remedy for the beloved empress torture.
She gave one shot to the victim’s neck, the other to the vagina, not paying attention to the screams of pain.
A minute later, the drug began to act – Leta gasped more often, her eyes sparkled.
– How do you feel, Letha? A little hot, especially down here? – Asked Esther, driving a finger over the delicate skin of the thigh captive.
She shuddered at the touch, bit her lip so as not to moan.
– Do you play iron lady? Come on, you’re wet, like the last slut in a cheap lupanarie.
– Esther roughly inserted three fingers at once into Lethe’s vagina, and she could not resist a short yell.
Esther didn’t take out her fingers, but she didn’t move, feeling the girl’s body convulsively tighten around her.
Lety’s face twisted, thirsty to feel pleasure, to finish, to calm the fire in her pussy, to fight in her with pride and devotion to Seriniti.
– I can continue, give you liberation, all that is required of you, tell me where my sister is now.
– Go to hell.
– I wanted the best, but apparently I will have to carry out the procedure according to the full program.
Begin, Frida.
Leta’s back was struck by a neyro-whip’s blow, tracing a scarlet scar.
The girl was ready to endure the pain, but it was hundreds of times more than she expected.
Especially as equally strong pleasure was added to pain.
The next blow fell between her legs, and the whip went right into the crack, then with the same surgical precision, Frida processed her nipples.
Each stroke brought with it a mini-orgasm, forcing Leta to scream in pain and passion, writhe in chains, losing control of the body. Online sex chart.

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