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You say prostitutes, professional? Nonsense! Authoritatively declare that half of them have no idea at all about the blowjob technique, and of the rest absolutely the overwhelming majority do it, so to say, so-so.
I am deeply convinced that this requires something like a natural gift, multiplied by the remarkable abilities of the entire musculature of the oral cavity, plus love for the process itself and inspiration at a particular point in the performance of a demonstration performance! I can say that before meeting with Talia, the best accountant in my life was performed by a simple accountant named Nadia, with whom I once worked together in management.
What is the “better-worse” criterion? Will explain.
With Nadia, who was completely nondescript, besides me, then twenty-five years old, by fifteen years (the old woman in my then presentation), I regularly finished three times, which for me was always an achievement.
But only when Nadya did it with her mouth! Because in her dimensionless vagina, which gave birth to three children, I sometimes could not finish.
And once, when she had a break, and we copulated exclusively orally, I finished FIVE times, and within no more than two hours! Any man with normal, but not with Caucasian-rabbit abilities, will appreciate, I am sure, this achievement! And this is her, not my achievement! But anyone will confirm that after the third time it’s not at all clear what you’re ending, there’s practically no sperm, and when you are forced to do it again and again with your mouth, it’s aerobatics! But for this you need to feel a man! Nadia felt me.

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She didn’t waste time on the vitalities and delights, she was alien to the spiral-reversible sub-subdrills with left-handed and palatine-alveolar reciprocating swallows, in which, as most people think, the blowjob technique is concluded.
All this fiction is good as a compulsory aperitif before the main course, which in the overwhelming majority of cases is, as I have already said,

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the classic trivialism in the missionary position.
But if for some reason a woman needs to force a man to just cum more than two times, and this should be done exclusively with her mouth, there’s no need for delicacies! Nadya understood this perfectly well.
She simply methodically and tirelessly, in no way slowing down the pace, with the lips and tongue yarn only one, but that same point at the base of the head of the penis, in the area of ??the bridle, the mechanical effect on which eventually leads to ejaculation.
Damn, it turned out official, as in the medical encyclopedia, but for sure.
But Talia did it just better.
I understood this rhinestone.
The first time I finished in a few seconds, which in itself was not surprising, given the very long prelude and the degree of my excitement. Nude boy spy cam.

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