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The day flew by not noticeable, t.
The business has moved from a dead end, and finally I will have order in the house and not the promise of my husband lying on the couch stupidly watching TV.
I did not go home, but flew.
When I entered the apartment I thought that everything was ready, t.
Valery said that the installation of the door will take two hours no more, and the time is nine in the evening, and the work is not yet finished.
Going into the kitchen, I saw Valera and two workers who were finishing work.
They explained to me that the doors were wider than the doorway and they had to break the wall to install them.
Valery recalled me to the room and said that for my haste to take their measurements, they added work that was not discussed and I would have to pay a penalty t.
they had to complete two more orders, and they were carried by me until the evening.
While they were changing, I went to the store to buy food to feed them, all the same people worked for me all day without lunch, because of my fault.
When I came home and dressed in my favorite jumpsuit that emphasized my long legs, I began to set the table while putting my daughter to sleep with her mother in her room.
Having laid the table, I put vodka on, so

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that the men drank, ate, became kinder, and then look and forgive you for some reason or less.
Namaratevshis and unzipping the overalls on more than necessary, so that my chest could be seen and look more sexy, I invited the boys to the table.
Only now I noticed that they were two handsome men, I knew Valera for a long time and I liked him, tall, with a sports figure not a guy, but a girl’s dream even though he was 35 years old.

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Misha introduced Valera to me as a guy under two meters tall with a slanting sagging in his shoulders, pumped up biceps and thick black with gray hair, about 40 years old and Ruslan, a dark-haired brunette just a little lower than both of them so twenty.
Having sat down at the table and having missed a couple of glasses of vodka, the guys ate me with my eyes, but they didn’t talk about any additional payments, but I waited for them to get drunk and be indulgent of my duty while caring for the guests with diligence.
She leaned over the table so that they could see my breasts, then get up from the table to put someone supplements but at the same time they could admire my long legs, round pop and a good figure.
In general, I reached my.
Valera and Misha went for a smoke on the stairs to talk, and I stayed with Ruslan at the table.
Having drunk a glass with him, we continued to talk on abstract topics, while Ruslan looked at my neckline with his burning eyes, then he became more cheeky and cheeky.
The guy got drunk trying to get to my chest, but I fought back and said that I would complain to Valera about his harassment.
But it infuriated Ruslana and he pulled me to him by force, holding his mouth with my second hand said that Valera couldn’t do anything to him.
his dad has a very large lump and he was loaded into this company from the top so that he was engaged in business, and did not hang out where he was not.
His eyes were bloodied like a bull on a red rag, his hands began to paw my body, then breasts, then my ass, but I tried to break free from his hands, but it was not there, he was physically stronger than me.
The advantage was on his side, t.
Mom and daughter were already sleeping in the next room and did not want to wake them up, but the guys did not return from a smoke break.
And I decided to outwit him and draw time, the boy would play around a little and calm down, and there the guys would come and nothing could happen.
But he turned out to be restless and did not postpone the case indefinitely, put me on his knees and pulled out his yalda from his jeans.
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