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Give me one day, and I will try to find a solution, hands-on? – Will you help me? Vlad I will be so grateful to you! A smile appeared on her wet face.
She was so beautiful.
I did not need a day to think, after half an hour I already had a very real plan.
As I understood it, she was most worried about the lack of blood after the first wedding night.

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You just had to come up with something with a blood substitute.
And I thought up.
Just do not laugh.
I bought in the market red round not that jelly, not that dragee, I typed something similar to the annotation on my computer, and put it all in a pharmacy bag with a zipper.
And with this dummy, I went to work the next day.
At about 11 o’clock I typed a message for Madelena on my phone: Do I have something that can solve your problem when we meet? The answer was received in a couple of minutes, the meeting was scheduled for tonight.
She came without delay, and immediately, without preludes, asked: – Vlad, what do you have? I’m all day, as on pins and needles.
– I have a saving tool for you.
This is a drug that you can not buy in a pharmacy, in any case, from us.
I got it through one friend, not without difficulty.
– Are you serious, what is it? – This is a small amount of blood in a special shell, this drug is intended for administration there just before intercourse.
You quietly insert it, well, you know where, and as a result there will be a complete illusion of deprivation of virginity.
– Oh, is it really? – Completely, but there are some minor problems.
– What kind? If the question is about money, then everything is in order, I will pay as much as I need.
In order to avoid a scandal, no money is not a pity.
– No, I will not take the money, we are friends, but there is a problem that the drug is unknown and it will be risky to use it right away.
I think you need to test it.
– How to test it? – Well, insert, press something appropriate, and see how it acts, how it will burst, where the blood will go.

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To do this, you will need a helper, ask one of your girlfriends.
– Vlad, about this I can not.
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Marina smiled and looked at me predatoryly: “Elizaveta Pavlovna, I have to tell you, you have the best ass,” Marina Aleksandrovna, diligently continuing to rub my ass, went down lower and lower.
I would never have thought that women could excite me, but Marina Alexandrovna succeeded.
– Maybe you will try mine? – Marina got into the pose of “cancer.”
– I think it is not much inferior to your sweet buttocks.
Well, what are you standing? Try it! – and she erotically stroked her ass.
I looked at these two graceful convex hemispheres, realizing that I could not stop.
My name is Elizaveta Pavlovna.
I am a biology teacher.
I am 40 years old.
I live with my daughter Katya, 14 years old.
Uhazherov no.
I devote all my free time to my daughter.
Satisfied? You might be interested in my appearance.
Brown hair, short hair, green eyes.
I use purple lipstick.
Average height, physique – a pleasant fullness.
Chest – the third size.
Ass – gorgeous, nothing more to add.
I ask you to excuse me for being rude, I just got used to short and accurate answers.
In the future I will try to improve.
On that day, I was wearing a light shirt, black business pants and shoes with a small heel.
I will tell you about my underwear in the course of the story.
I spent all my lessons and returned to the staff room to pick up my things.
Walking down the corridor, I noticed that there was a sheet of paper on the floor.
Bending down, picked up the sheet.
These were rules on the behavior of students during a fire.
I attached the sheet back to the stand and continued on my way.
Suddenly, they grabbed me for a soft spot.
I was dumbfounded.
Stick to the teacher? Well, I will show this asshole! What was my surprise when I saw in front of me not some student, but my colleague, Marina Aleksandrovna, history teacher? Before continuing, I need to describe the appearance of Marina Alexandrovna.
Marina Alexandrovna is a year younger than me.
She is blonde and also with short hair.
The eyes are gray.
Prefers pink lipstick.
Above me about head.
Marina has a more athletic build, but there is a small tummy.
She was wearing a blouse with a large neckline, in which her third-size chest is very visible.
The priest, though smaller, but also quite good, covered the black skirt to the knees.
Legs were covered with dark pantyhose, and on the feet were wearing high-heeled shoes.
– What are you doing? – only I was able to utter from indignation.
She looked into my eyes, licking her lips: – You were in such a charming pose that I could not resist.
– Tt-you – a lesbian? – Oh-oh, oh, your ass half the teacher’s room made lesbians. Masturbate with strangers on cam.

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