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He said that he could give me some extra lessons if I wanted to.
“” And what did you decide? Will you take these lessons

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? “Andrea asked.
“Are you kidding? That would mean that I would lose all the nights until the end of the month! Why the hell do I need it?” Andrea thought for a minute, and an idea came to her mind.
“Well, there is another way: Remember, I came in this leather skirt last week?” “Well, yes, and in a leather jacket.
He couldn’t take his eyes off you! I thought he would finish right in his pants when you passed him. “That’s for sure,” continued Andrea, “we all noticed that he was sticking on his skin.
That’s what I came up with: if you come to one of these private lessons skinned from head to toe, and make the lesson more: intimate, let’s say: I’m sure you can “convince” him to miss you on the next course, and are not needed there will be all these extra lessons. ”
“Well, and how” convincing “should I be, in your opinion?” – Susie asked suspiciously.
Andrea actually used to have fun, but sometimes her jokes went too far.
“Well, I don’t know,” answered Andrea.
“I think he will be quite happy just by looking at you.
Perhaps he wants to touch you, but he is unlikely to go further.
By the way, the teacher can be fired if they find him with a student.
It all depends on how important it is for you to go to the next course: “She smiled slyly.
Suzy thought for a moment and nodded.
“Well then fine.
I’ll try.
She sincerely liked Susie, but sometimes she was too shy and conservative, and Andrea needed a little girlfriend, the same as herself.
The idea was for Johnson to fuck Suzy properly, and then she would be exactly the kind of companion Andrea needed.
However, more needed to be done so that Johnson really wanted to fuck Suzy when she came to his house tonight.
Andrea made an appointment with Johnson this afternoon, setting a time just before he needed to go home.

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She picked up the clothes for this date especially carefully.
All things, of course, were made of black leather.
First – the pants.
They struggled with difficulty, because Andrea consciously bought them a couple sizes smaller to fit like a glove.
She pulled the pants up with all her strength, then again.
On the third attempt, they finally stretched to the end and, exhaling and pulling in her stomach, she managed to fasten them.
Of course, she did not wear any underwear – her pants were so tight that the underwear would have been visible; moreover, she liked the feeling of touching the stretched skin to the vagina.
The pants were so tight that at every step their skin rubbed on the clitoris, and this excited the girl more and more.
Andrea wore a special bra – made of black leather, he did not hide anything, but on the contrary – opened her eyes to her breasts, compressed and raised.
Over the bra she wore a fitted blouse with long sleeves, also made of black leather, clasping it only to the middle, so that the breasts protrude outward.
Her favorite knee-high boots and a black men’s leather jacket completed the outfit.
Thinking a little, the girl added gloves to them, also made of black leather.
We had to hurry, so as not to be late for a date with Johnson.
When she entered his room and heard how his breath caught, she immediately realized that she had achieved the desired effect.
“Something is wrong?” – asked Andrea.
Johnson turned completely red and swallowed convulsively.
“No: no, it’s all right,” he stammered, still not believing his eyes.
“So what did you want to discuss with me, Andrea?” “Oh, it can wait,” the girl replied.
“I’m sure we can come up with a much more interesting way to spend time,” She ran the tip of her tongue over her lips.
Johnson could not believe the reality of what is happening.
Andrea decided not to waste time.
Kneeling down in front of him, she unbuttoned his pants, and the member fell out.
“You really like girls in the skin, don’t you?” – She purred, swallowing a member of one fast motion.
Johnson vividly remembered how Andrea was dressed last week – which is not surprising, since after that lecture he ran straight to his room and began to masturbate.
God, the girl was so hot! He still could not forget how badly he had finished, thinking about her.
And now she sucked his dick! “Mmmmm.
Mmmmmmmm! ”Andrea moaned, her whole mouth filled with a hot, trembling member of Johnson.
“Oh God, yes, come on, come on!” he breathed.
Andrea looked at his face and grinned and began stroking him with her hands in leather gloves.
“I can not believe this.
God, you’re so hot, God, my God: “Johnson groaned. Live sex cam live.

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