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In the morning, having received a generous reward, she is more than satisfied, no worse than yesterday in his arms.

“The past can be seen mentally, but it is impossible to touch it” (Wong-Kar-Wai).
The news of Surikov’s death so obedient to Zuev that he spent a week in a garrison military hospital.
On the seventh day of the patient, something babbled with pale lips and opened his eyes.

Immediately, as if from a distance, the rustling of the lips of a man in a white cap reached him.
– Doctor.
I think he wakes up.
Zuev opened his eyes and, as if through a haze of mist, it seemed to him that they were looking at him with anxious look big, under those lush and long eyelashes such familiar eyes.
He tried to raise his hand and touch this little hand holding the thermometer, but he didn’t have the strength and instead of asking who you are, he slowly whispered: “Drink!” He drank slowly, and carefully studied her face, so familiar and at the same time far from what has always fascinated him when he peered and thought: “And how beautiful women are even in adulthood, whom Mother Nature rewarded with such features of extraordinary beauty.

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But this person, being a copy of what was bending over him and gently opening his tongue with his plump lips, glaring at them with a kiss that woke up in him the incredibly attractive feelings of the male to this intelligent and experienced in sex female.
But this bright copy of that face, so young and tender, caused a feeling of admiration in him, making it clear that this copy was much more beautiful and nicer than the original.
It was a very young woman, about twenty years old, in a white robe, carefully examining his eyes.
He raised his hands and put a hand on her fingers, feeling her flinch, and tears gleam in her eyes.
– I’m Zuev, and who are you? – he said quietly, throwing in the direction of the nurse, who was standing next to this unusual creation of nature, a displeased look.
– I – Surikov younger.
– Let her go.
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