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Her slightly wet hair was a little loose.
Did you bathe too? No, – the woman glanced at

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her daughter, – there is a shower.
Oh yeah, Andrei showed it to me.
Even so, – slyly glanced at Asya’s daughter.
From the window, I first thought it was a toilet, – the girl smiled, and the mother also smiled in response.
Well, I can honestly tell you that the shower is comfortable.
You’re still kind of weird.
Naughty light in the eyes of the mother slightly surprised the girl.
Usually he caught fire only after she met with her men, although where did they come from.
However, a couple of times the girl saw her mother in a similar state and without boyfriends.
I do not know, docha, what are you talking about? – Asya patted the bangs of her child, – I feel good here, the sun, the air, and peace.
The woman turned her litter and followed her sister.
Rest, – Christine muttered to herself in surprise, – since when did he interest you.
Andrew, where are you? – called son Zoya, having entered the house.
Here, – bringing to her a voice from the second floor.
The woman rose and walked to his room.
Why did you leave your aunt alone? She asked.
I thought she was going with you, – the young man shrugged his shoulders in bewilderment, not looking up from the book.
Such weather is on the street, and you lie in the house, that the youth has gone.

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Well, what is, – answered the guy with a slightly noticeable harshness.
What is it with you? The mother asked.
Nothing, mom, I read, do not bother me, please.
The woman shrugged, but a strange feeling nestled in her heart.
The evening was coming, and the housekeeping Zoya called everyone to the table.
They were together fortified, and then Andrei’s mother suggested that the young man go for some milk to the other end of the village.
Kristina, do you like fresh milk? – She asked her niece.
I don’t know, Aunt Zoe, ”she answered honestly,“ I have not tried.
Come with me, ”Andrei suggested,“ woman Masha will soon be milking the cows. ”
You will try even hotter.
, – the girl tried to think up an excuse, but again Zoya put her hand on her shoulder.
Come on, and my mother and I will wash the dishes for now.
The girl confided to her aunt and went with Andrew.
How do you like on the lake? He asked, holding the gate for her.
Fine, she admitted, the water is warm and clear.
This is yes, the young man agreed, until the vacationers have arrived.
The girl looked at him with interest.
And they come a lot.
For such a wilderness like this is enough.
When we only had this site, almost no one came here at all.
It was so good, and then, when all cars appeared, a lot of people began to ride here.
So even the desire to go to the lake disappeared.
What are you, – the girl looked up at him, – jealous.
The guy also looked at her.
Not at all, I absolutely do not care when normal people come, but, unfortunately, most are not at all like that.
Why? Well, judge for yourself, – it was felt that Andrei was very offended by what he was talking about, – the company arrives for the weekend.
He throws garbage: there are all kinds of bottles, cans, and then they gather and leave, leaving everything where they left. Hidden cam hairy masturbation.

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