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I was hungry at home.
I always feel so ashamed.
– Why? – Laurenty did not know what to do next.
“I eat and I don’t know where it all fits, and I’m not getting better at all.”
Growing up.

Over the past year stretched to eight centimeters.
“Others dream of it,” opened the lost Lawrence with strawberries.
“You know,” Camellia tilted her head and became serious, completely unaware of the food, “I think it’s not good for me.”
– That is: – Well:, belly: It looks like a punishment, – Camellia turned to Laurenty with a fragile back and sighed.
– Of course, so much to devour: scrambled eggs, two steaks, porridge and even sausage, – nodding her head, she clamped her fingers.
– And sweets, and now: this strawberry – to hell.
– Strawberries.
– What’s the difference? I don’t remember in which class they told us stories about starving people in Africa, they hung all sorts of pictures on a blackboard, Camellia, sighing, went deeper into the forest.
“Ah, there was also a rickets child with flies on his face,” Lavrenty recalled a distant lesson.

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“I don’t know:” Camellia answered indifferently.
– And then, afterwards, the Russian lesson began with the phrase – “the cat ate roast.”
– Why are you? – chased the girl Lawrence.
– Yes so: Since then, I am always ashamed when overeat.
You do not go after me, I now: – Camellia turned, portrayed a faint smile on her pale and even more beautiful face and began to hide in the undergrowth.
– Do not get lost? – Laurenty got worried.
– You will find by smell! – came the familiar short chime of Camellia’s voice, the echo that had come in distorted him, and threefold flashed over the forest: – apoh! cuff! swelled up! – the clapping of the wings of a frightened bird that had fluttered in the bushes supplemented the sound, and Lawrence clearly heard “burdock”.
“The attack choked with its own blood,” he thought, looking at the unwanted berries in his palm.
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