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The penis began to pulsate, and with each pulsation that threw me onto the highest edge of bliss, sperm made its way through the channel of my dick, throwing another portion of sperm into my mouth.
Mom continued to take her in, apparently she liked it – both the way the semen gets into her mouth, and the way my dick pulsates in her mouth, and how I frantically move my pelvis, shaking in convulsions of orgasm.
She did not miss a single drop of sperm.
After I finished, she, without removing the penis from her mouth, swallowed everything that I rewarded her with for her incredibly beautiful job with her mouth.
After that, she looked into my eyes.
Her eyes were incredibly beautiful at that moment.
But we did not look at each other for long.
After that, she stood on the sofa so that her hairy crotch was in front of my face and approached me closely.
I understood without words what to do.
With my tongue I clung to her bosom.
I licked her crotch, driving her tongue from the vagina to the clitoris, caressed the clitoris, writing out eights on her creator of orgasms, and myself, at this time, had penetrated her slit with my hand.
Apparently, she could no longer tolerate.

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She grabbed the back of my head and held me close.
I strained my tongue, grabbed my buttocks with my left hand, and with my right, continued frictions inside her vagina.
She began to shudder, feeling the approach of an orgasm, and her intermittent breathing began to turn into moans.
It seemed to me that she was holding back the onset of bliss, in order to experience it to the maximum.
When it became completely unbearable, her convulsions became frequent.
With all my strength I followed my head in her writhing bosom, and she pulled me closer to her.
org) I tried to make the language harder, and apparently she liked it.
Finally she began to cum.
Her moans became rare, but powerful, it was more cries than moans, such as if she was taking in air in the chest to moan.
She pulled her pelvis less

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often, but the amplitude was larger.
Her orgasm did not last long, just a few seconds, but during these moments she managed to visit the seventh heaven with happiness.
After that, she let go of my head, got off the sofa, and kissed me on the lips.
“Just don’t tell your father anything,” she said.
After which she took her towel and left the room.
That day I tried not to leave the room and did not come across to her eyes.
It seemed to me that we we did something forbidden, but at the same time so pleasant.
The next day, we both did not recall this incident out loud, but I could not forget it, every time I was alone.
And remembering, every time he satisfied himself.
– Well.
Then interesting days started for me.
I already looked at my sister in a completely different way, and when I once again showed her breasts, when she leaned in her robe, I did not let it pass by the eyes. Free online sex games for mobile.

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