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Don’t worry about it, if they serve poorly, we will make them do it better.
Having had dinner and ordered the slaves to be removed from the table, they called the duty officer and said that they were ready to go on a tour of the Empire.
They went around the entire territory of the Female Kingdom.
We visited the stable, on the hippodrome, looked at how the ponies of fights were raised, went to the classes where the Mistress taught slaves to serve a woman, looked at the farm where the slaves were kept as pets, dressed in the appropriate costumes, these animals, visited the basement, various torture rooms, a punishment cell, in which the guilty slaves were sent, and much more.
Many slaves served as furnishings and furniture.
In one of the rooms of the palace there were several tables and chairs made of people.
The slaves were dressed in latex suits, the two slaves were slyly tied, so that their bodies formed the legs of the tables, and the glass was fixed on top of them.
The chair was made of three slaves, their bodies oddly intertwined, the two formed a seat, and one back.
On each side of each chair was a bound slave with a wide-open mouth, which served as an ashtray and spittoon.
A special impression was given to the interior of the room by the costumes of the slaves, one armchair was red, the other black, the third purple, ashtrays were matched to the color of the armchairs.
Accompanying the girls of Mistress, told them that in the Kingdom many of the Mistresses living here make furniture and other interior items from slaves in their rooms.
It was possible to write a lot more about the empire of female domination, but this will take more than one chapter, it is easier to write a separate book about it.
Katya and Ira communicated a lot with the Mistresses living in the Kingdom, looked at the sophisticated torture of slaves, they themselves took a direct part in them.

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It turned out that, despite their extensive experience of dominance, they do not know much.
From this trip, they learned a lot of useful and interesting things for themselves, and were very pleased to have visited the Kingdom of Female domination.
The girls had basically a cultural program, they visited the sights and cultural values ??of these countries.
After a great holiday, they returned to Moscow.
A party.
November 9,

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my friend Sergey had a birthday.
I naturally was in the forefront of the invited people.
There was a sea of ??alcohol, beautifully laid tables, good desserts.
All the guests quickly cheered up, and the birthday party turned into a complete booth, but everyone liked it, and I was from this number.
Somewhere around two in the morning, the guests began to disperse.
Sergey suggested that I stay overnight, I did it often, so I did not refuse.
We spent the last of the guests and went into the living room.
Sergey pulled out a well-aged brandy from the bar and offered to drink.
We chatted for a long time, laughed, discussed the evening passed.
I did not notice how my head got drunk.
Sergey took me to the bedroom and in an orderly tone insisted that I take a shower.
I got to the bath, undressed and turned on the water in the cooler, I was sobered slightly at once, the only thing I dreamed about was a soft bed at that moment.
After the shower I was completely naked, got to the bed, and went to bed.
Through a dream, I heard my door to the room open, but I didn’t open my eyes, I had no time for that.
Someone very gently kissed me on the lips, I thought it was a beautiful dream that I dream.
I turned sweetly on my back, trying to get comfortable, so as not to get out of this crazy dream.
Suddenly, I felt that under my blanket between my knockers a man with a very pleasant soft skin had slipped.
I opened my eyes and saw that there was actually someone under my blanket.
I did not do anything.
I spread her legs wider.
The man who was under the blanket gently caressed my legs, getting closer and closer to my pussy.
My breathing quickened, the dope disappeared from my head.
I was waiting for the continuation.
Someone’s tongue touched my smoothly shaved lips, my hips lifted up to meet him, my head was all messed up.
I was driven by the fact that someone’s lips caress me, I was burning with curiosity.
This playful language, gradually began to penetrate my folds very impudently, and to lick me carefully. Free online dating sex.

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