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I liked it.
Obedient to his will, I dressed like a whore, painted like a cheap whore, and spoke vulgarly in public places.
Catching on myself the judgmental views of others, I felt the greatest pleasure of my shame.
Shame became a source of intense arousal, sometimes resulting in an orgasm from the simple compression of the legs.
Sergey shared his fantasy of having sex with me and another girl a month before what happened.
Neither I nor he had anybody in mind then, so my roommate used the services of one student who worked on the job, providing intimate services of a specific nature.
We met in the center of a nightclub.
I immediately liked Alina.
High, about the same height as me.
The hair is wheat-colored, long, slightly curly.
Eyes – green, slightly slanted.
High cheekbones.
Elastic, covered dress pop.
The chest is small, but as it turned out later, nothing at all.
We had fun.
In the club, sitting in a separate booth behind partitions, where no one could hear us, I told, at Sergey’s request, a pre-conceived version of my biography.
According to her, I was seduced by my own aunt (I don’t have any aunts, by the way), making me a prostitute, and then

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I became dependent on criminals.

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From there, Sergey bought me, and now I own his property.
Not sure that Alina believed me.
Too it was all like a teenage fantasy of a sexually dissatisfied kid, but of course she did not show her distrust.
In the taxi that drove us home, Sergey pestered us both.
The taxi driver, a young guy, was obviously interested in everything that was happening, but he was silent.
When they arrived, Sergey asked the taxi driver if he preferred to receive the money or so that I jerked him off with a hand.
The guy broke out, hesitated and asked about the blowjob.
Blowjob without a gum from a stranger – against my rules.
Heal yourself more expensive.
The guy completely confused and hesitantly spoke at the expense of his payroll.
It really hurt me.
What a goat! Or maybe he is a fagot? In parting, did I twist both breasts from the neckline of my dress? Let him see what he refused, and suffer, if not a fag! At home, Sergey, who finally entered the role of the guest, ordered me to prepare them with Alina for a cocktail.
When I returned from the kitchen to the bedroom, my roommate was already completely naked in the middle of the room, and the girl, also naked, froze on all fours on the bed.
“Lick her ass,” the man ordered.
I obediently parted Alina with my buttocks.
Well, that girl was neat.
She even smelled good there.
It can be seen, panties yourself smothered in advance.
My tongue began to faithfully lick the ass.
The situation really turned me on.
“You are a dirty ass,” the excited Sergey snuffled.
– Yes, I am a dirty ass.
– Omitted bedding.
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