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Classification of lantana camara. And although he was a bit puzzled by a small platoon platoon Ivanov, he strictly, of course, could not judge Valerka: the heart melted in the chest with hot sweet flour: The platoon commander pulled his hands out of his pockets: took out his trousers and lifted with a lump, oh, in love the boys were buzzing between their legs! Yes, boy! Zamkomvvod he, of course, and the sergeant, and for nearly two years already served: all the way! Just what does all this mean if you are in love? Grandfather, salaga: bullshit! There is Valerka, and the two of them are here, and his pants bulged with a hard lump: not soldiers, but boys! Just guys.
The boys.
And also – spring languor: and another thing: more – love! Is this a perversion? – Svyatkomzvoda Sanya again asked a question to someone, as if he was arguing with someone: There are such as the Ulyudov: so what now? What have the bastards lustful ?! He is not gay, but pidaras: it is stupid to see in him the measure of relationships, this is time.
Secondly, and this is important: he will not force the gray-eyed man – he will say that he loves, and: who knows! Maybe in his heart he will awaken the reciprocal love, and Valery: he will love? – Svyazkvzvod Sanya again asked himself: and again he did not know what to do: where to find such a word to explain the soul? The guy with the guy is great! So the boy will say: The castle commander was a pederast, of course, and he really wanted it – his member stood like a bayonet! Sanya followed Valerka quickly, quickly: and, covering his penis with his hand – pressing the hot barrel to his stomach, dying from bliss, he entered the shower: Ely-burnt: two in the bath! Classification of lantana camara.

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