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So, stand.
There is not a word about who the asphodels are.
How could I forget? In short: look like black panthers.
The only difference is sex.
Males are hermaphrodites, and females – according to tradition, with one sexual organ.
Like all said.
Medica is an asphodel that has dedicated its life to medicine.
Moreover, the 12th moon sign, which gives her the opportunity to become almost human.
I mean, be like me.
But, I’m not talking about that.
Two days later, after the New Year, we met with her, because I learned from her the same way that my other pet, the Asphodel male As, began to wander because of his craving for sex with others.
But, his vagrant life did not last long – it was picked up by my ex.
Medica and I decided to “treat him” a little, so that he no longer had to demand sex, for the sake of living in heat and eating.
I began to wait when my ex and Ace would come home.
When I saw them, I gave the signal to the Medica to act.
She came out from around the corner (on four legs), sat down, looked around and saw Asa.
He, of course, noticed her.
Medica got up, turned around, beckoned Asa with her tail, and returned around the corner.

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Ac followed her, and this was the last thing he did since I crept up behind me and put a bag over him.
Medica returned from the corner (already on two legs) and helped me carry Asa to her home.
At the house doctors, we got Asa out of the bag (he managed to become a “man”), tied him up and began to think what to do.

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“I think, Fox,” Medica said, “I can handle this on my own, so you must leave us alone.”
“Well, Medica,” I agreed, “call when you’re done.”
And I left.
But, not as far as Medica thought.
I stood outside the door and began to eavesdrop.
– Well, Xanter? – Medica began – Do you recognize me? – For the first time I see! – said As, trying to escape from the ropes, – and my name is As, and not Xanter! – By you it is clear that you remember me! After all, I was chasing you when we lived in the forest.
Ace stopped, looking at the Medic.
It was clear that he remembered those days.
– Weng? Is that you? – Finally, Xanter! I thought you and I would never see each other again.
Especially in my house.
“When will you unhook from me?” There was no salvation in the forest from you, so let me rest here.
Medica just sank down so that Ace could see her chest, and began to pull off her tights.
“No, Weng,” resisted Ac, “you dare not!” How many years I have avoided you, so much to avoid and will be! “You’re in no position to resist, Xanter,” Medica said in a voice full of passion, “it’s time to admit that you lost, and surrender to me.”
Saying this, Medica pulled off the pants from Asa, and began to undress herself.
Button for button, her breasts became more visible. Agent casting sex online.

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