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Account livejasmin.
Immediately rented a new apartment at the other end of the city.
I forgave Lenka and later did not return to this conversation.
My wife and I have lived together for more than 20 years, in which there were happy and not very periods of living together.
I work as a lawyer in a private organization, and Gulya’s wife works as a personnel officer and translator from Russian into Kazakh in one department.
In our intimate life, everything was fine, but gradually the monotonous sex we began to pall, and we mostly do it once a week on weekends, and, moreover, to satisfy the physiological need, not as a manifestation of love desire.
As they watched an American film, where a policeman accidentally came home and found his wife during sex with a man, he chased a man away.

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The wife of the police officer was waiting for reprisals from her husband, and he instead began to make Cooney and then sex.
Well, later she began to bring the men home, and her husband, hiding, watched them, and then when the man left, he and his wife made love.
I began to represent my wife in the place of that woman, and in the place of the policeman I got excited and excited about it, and attacked my wife and we had wonderful sex, at the same time imagining that I was fucking my wife after cheating on me.
Gulya and I began to discuss this film, she condemned the man, but that allows his wife to have sex with others.
I began to say what was wrong with that, because of this their family life did not break, they began to love each other more.
changed her husband, I even suggested later to Gulya, like you can also change me, but then you tell me everything as it was.

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To which my wife said that I was crazy, and everyone would stop talking on this topic.
And then in February, at the weekend, his wife’s cell phone rang and she, looking at the display of the weave, was embarrassed and went into the bedroom alone, and began talking to someone.
Her voice was low, but some words can be discerned, which are louder than others, saying “no”, “I cannot”, “I am uncomfortable.”
Then after a while she came in silence and sat down in a chair.
I asked who called, she was silent for a long time, and then answered: “that her acquaintance called, he came to our department once with a document and he needed to translate it urgently from Russian into Kazakh.
Account livejasmin.

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