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Our breasts were squashed against his chest and he kissed us tenderly in turn as we ran our hands down his torso until we were fondling the bulge in his underpants.
I slipped his cock out, stroked it and visualised having it deep inside me in a short while. Windsor naughty seniors dirty chat.
Wendy was gently squeezing his balls as I tugged his cock with long slow strokes and almost as though we’d rehearsed it, Wendy and I started to make our way down his body with our tongues stopping only briefly to suck his nipples. Hot blonde women getting fucked.
Soon we were kneeling either side of him on the floor with our breasts resting on his thighs and I offered Wendy his rigid cock.
She licked the tip a few times before taking into her mouth.
I took my hand away and she took over massaging it as she sucked it in deeper and deeper.

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When my turn came I did the same and for the next few minutes, we enjoyed sharing Colin’s cock until the time came for him to get it between our legs.
There was no awkwardness or hesitation as Colin slipped his pants off and slid off the sofa onto the floor.
“You go first,” Wendy said, so I straddled his thighs and guided the tip of his cock into the moist opening of my vagina. Mature women and young porn.
At the same time, Wendy straddled her husband’s face and as she lowered herself down onto his tongue, I enjoyed the sensation of his cock filling me up as I sank down onto it.
I leaned forward so that Wendy and I could kiss each other and let Colin fondle my breasts and squeeze my nipples. Are you a truck anchorage who needs love.

I was riding Colin’s cock rhythmically and grunting softly.
“Can you see your husband’s cock going in and out of my pussy, Wendy?” I asked.
“It looks fantastic,” she replied.
“And I can see that it’s wet with your juices.
” After a few more satisfying strokes I indicated to Wendy that we should swap places and within seconds, she was squatting over Colin’s slippery cock and guiding it into her dripping pussy. Russian cock porno photo.
Meanwhile I lowered myself onto Colin’s mouth but facing away from Wendy so that he could get his hands around my buttocks and probe me with his fingers while he sucked on my clit.
I felt one finger dipping in and out of my vagina and another pushing at my anal hole, which very soon surrendered to his gentle touch. Twerk in yoga pants.
What had started out as a simple request for a lift to work had become one of my horniest experiences and I was enjoying every second of it.

After a few minutes of this glorious sex we all disconnected. Big tit latina webcam.
Wendy and I kneeled on the floor in front of the sofa and rested our bodies on the cushions so that Colin could take us from behind.
We were able to kiss each other and fondle each other’s breasts as he got behind us and fingered our pussies before I felt the familiar sensation of a man’s cock about to penetrate me. Nude european female pornstars.
With a single smooth and slow thrust, his cock was deep inside me again and I quivered with the pleasure it was giving me.
After fifteen or twenty strokes he withdrew and when I heard Wendy gasp, I knew that he was making love to her. Tsvetana le site xxx video.
Then it was my turn again only this time his pace quickened and although I knew that he was building to a crescendo, it wouldn’t have been fair for just one of us to take his creamy load.

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