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I fuck your ass with my finger as I fuck your pussy with my mouth, and I feel you getting wetter by the minute, as you emit deep and guttural grunts in rhythm with my tongue probing your slick walls.
You reach an orgasm faster than I thought you would, and your body is simply spent after you shake, my finger still lodged deep inside your ass, and my face resting against your inner thighs, drenched from your wetness. Statistics on dating websites.
My cock is now fully erect – I can’t even remember it softening, even after climaxing in your mouth just moments before – and you take my hard cock in your hand as you stroke it and play with it.
You slide off the back seat, off of my finger as it emerges from your ass, and I can smell on my hands the mix of scents from your two lower openings, the scent of sex and of penetration fresh in the heavy air inside your van.

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The storm has not relented, as you slide onto the floor of the back of your van, and as I lie down on top of you.
You bring your legs up, knees in the air, and spread wide open as I position the head of my cock at your fleshy and moist entrance. studs in town tonight only.
I slide in so easily, and the loose wetness is like a gentle massage of my cock, surrounding me but not gripping me, until I feel you tighten your muscles around me, and then I find my hardness touched in a very strong and deliberate way. Facial features labeled.
The heat is overwhelming in your van, and as I rest on my elbows, thrusting forcefully into your sex, my body is sweating and the droplets pour from my head, stinging as they reach my eyes, and I can barely keep my eyes open as I also drip my sweat onto your body, which is already damp.

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There is no doubt that we are not making love – this is pure and simple fucking, as my cock stretches you even further and as my heavy balls slap against the space between your ass and pussy, slapping with each thrust into you. Passionhot free private webcam sites.
I watch as your soft breasts shake in time with my thrusts, as your nipples stand out from your pale skin even in the darkness inside the van, as the occasional flash of lightning illuminates our two bodies, joined in this frantic enterprise. Rays boom boom room.

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