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We’ve been to the look-out before, of course, but that was early evening when it was still light.
Catherine sat on one of the benches that give you a nice view over the town and filmed herself with a rotating dildo inside her, though the thing was obscured by her dress. Baby fuck me daddy.
This though, this would be entirely different.
Always assuming there’s something in the rumours.
I just don’t know, and neither does Catherine.
So I drive, letting the vibrator vibrate inside Catherine.
Engine noise and the sound of rubber on tarmac obscure the low hum, but I can hear Catherine breathing in that certain way and see her fidgeting next to me. Daphne wv women webcam.
When we get close to the turning to the look-out, she breathes, “Have you any idea how much I want you to fuck me?” I switch the vibrator off.

“Why did you do that?” Catherine says.
“Because I’ve got you where I want you,” I tell her, still not knowing where this boldness is coming from. Danielypaloma mallu aunty live web cam.
“You’re a very wicked young man,” Catherine says.
I can sense nervous anticipation in her voice, which mirrors my own.
Maybe the rumours aren’t true, but if they are… The narrow road up to the look-out seems impossibly dark, even with headlamps on. Women granny canadian fuck.
When we reach the gravel-scattered area up top where the road ends, there’s light though.
There’s a white van at the far end of the makeshift car park, with the rear doors facing us.
There’s a car too, a few yards away from the van, with its lights trained on the van. Chat sexo con can.
I can make out three shadowy figures in the car, and a man lurking near the van, as if he’s waiting for something.

“If there’s a drug deal or something going down, we’ll be in big trouble,” I mutter.
I can tell by the look on Catherine’s face that this is something she hasn’t thought of. Tripledream fuck online.
The man by the van looks over at us, but he doesn’t appear hostile, in fact he nods as if in greeting.
Still, I leave the engine running, just in case, parked up on the far left of the dirt car park.
“What do you think is going to happen?” Catherine asks. Liana19 indo seks webcam.
“Maybe this was a bad idea.
” She sounds tense, and in an effort to defuse her tension I activate the clit vibrator, making it hum.
“Let’s give it a few minutes,” I say.
“If they didn’t want us here, they’d have let us know by now. Adult big boobs.
” Catherine gives a nod, just as light sweeps over us from another car.
It parks up a short distance away, facing the van, lights trained on those rear doors.

“At a guess I’d say something’s about to happen,” I say. Gogo dansa gay naken.
More cars arrive in quick succession.
Catherine just sits staring, her breathing both agitated from the vibrator and nervous from the tension.
A second man appears by the side of the van, saying something to the first one, who nods and steps forward to open the van doors wide. Red head bukkake.
Inside there’s a third man.
He’s holding a leash, a slim chain, and on the end of the leash is a woman, the chain fixed to a collar.
The pair step down from the van.
The woman is wearing a skimpy silvery top which glistens in the glare from the headlamps. Free mobile sex chat by sms in srilankan girls not registeration.
She’s a little on the chubby side, but not by much.
“That can’t be very warm,” Catherine says.