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The rarest Quality of Diamond Diminishes Tarnishes Seems Unprepossessing unsightly Next to your beauty Let the eyes see The mouth speak The ears listen To the grandest siren Song superfluous Your eyes are enough With haste Turning the ship With both hands A beautiful melody upon the water I am coming I can hear you No need for song No need for chantey I am coming My Love My Queen My Goddess Eternally yours Captain Dominic Zoe felt quite excited as she pushed open the door to the flat she shared with Esther. Sugar daddy looking for college girl to spoil.
Tonight was the night of the dinner party for which they’d been preparing for ever such a long time.
Ever since the last such party in fact.
That one had been such a success that they could hardly wait to get another organised. Lesbian 3some black and white.
She smiled at her reflection in the hall mirror as she slipped off the denim jacket she’d been wearing.
It had been so much fun her pussy had been sore for a week.
She could hear a chop chop chop sound coming from the kitchen.

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Esther! Is that you? Zoe cried.
Of course.
Who else could it be? I’m just preparing the vegetables.
Do you want to come and help? I’ll have to change first, Zoe laughed, glancing down at her smart casual cotton trousers and blouse. Massage latina xxx.
She wandered into the kitchen, where Esther stood with her back to her, busy slicing up the courgettes and aubergines.
Hey, you’ve hardly got anything on.
Esther turned round to face Zoe.
What do you mean? Girl stripping public bathroom. I’m wearing an apron.
This much was true.
The straps were over the shoulders and the bib came half way down her thighs, but from behind all Zoe could see was naked flesh and Esther’s pert round bum.
I’m just getting into the mood for the party. Real nude indian mom.
Ooh! Zoe sighed, taking her flatmate by her shoulders and resting her chin on her bare shoulder.
Just seeing you like this makes me feel pretty much in the mood already.
Esther lay down her knife and turned round to face Zoe, so that the stiff cold plastic of the apron, and its pictures of pre-Raphaelite nudes, were pressed against Zoe’s blouse.

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She stood on her toes so that her mouth was the same height as Zoe’s mouth and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
I know! Just having you here makes me feel pretty much in the mood already.
But we haven’t got the time. Against mandating residential fire sprinkler.
There’s a lot of preparation to get through before the guests arrive.
And besides, I don’t want to be worn out before the party’s even begun! Zoe laughed, and kissed Esther full on the mouth, while looping an arm around her bare waist. Japanese dry handjob.
You’re so right.
I’ll prepare the dining room and everything else before I join you in preparing the food.

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