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Suck me, Marlene, I said.
Suck me the way we talked about in our fantasies.
You looked at me, a little afraid, but determined to try.
You opened your mouth, and my took penis inside.
You had learned well, because your tongue started moving round and round the head of my penis, and soon I was hard for you. Monikastorm wepcamlive be.
Mmm, Marlene, that feels so nice, I moaned.
Make me burn.
You did, too, you made me feel like my testicles were on fire, your soft tongue moving round and round my glans.
I love that feeling.
You are so perfect, I moaned enthusiastically. Online dating meet soon.
I pulled out, and turned you on your tummy, and I knelt behind you.
I parted your vulva with my penis, and slowly pushed inside you.
Your gasp told me it felt nice, and you let out a moan when I was all the way in. Alexscorp usa porno con animales gratis.

Slowly I began moving in and out of you.
Marlene, do you like feeling me inside you? I asked.
Yes, you gasped as I continued moving in and out of you.
My goal here was to make you cum, we would have plenty of time for slow loving later. Hilo1 girls dating for sex.
So I reached around you and got your clitoris under my finger, and rubbed it back and forth and round and round as I moved in and out of you.
You arched your back, wanting me deeper, and I obliged to pushing deep into you. Escort in al ghaydah.
Oh Stefano, you moaned.
I never know you could make me feel this nice.
This is only the beginning, Marlene my love, I said in a husky voice that was getting close to orgasm.
I could just climax, you said. Inlove-cam skinny cams4u.
Yes, my sweet, you can.
We will have time to take it slow and explore the edge, later, I said, my eyes all misty from the proximity of my own orgasm.

I pressed on your clitoris, and rubbed harder round in circles. Mistress claire foot slave.
Your breathing increased, your moans became more intense, and your body began to shudder.
Your were cumming, and I let go my own control and came right along with you, my cum squirting inside your pussy. Using high heels to jerk off.
Wave after wave of orgasm washed over us, it was almost as if we stopped being physical beings and just became one loving, shared orgasm.
I kept the waves going as long as I could, and slowly the pleasure subsided into a warm glow. Ilyaws anonymous gay sex chat.

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