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From the Olympic-sized pool in the rear to the awesome audio/video system throughout the house and the world class kitchen, it was a place where we could hide from the world.
As we entered the house, Vanna and Christine were walking hand-in-hand. Bellabebe23 wwwsex live.
They had obviously hit it off at the dance floor and were preparing to take this newfound friendship to the next level.
I told them I would get some wine ready for us as they headed for the great room.
After uncorking several bottles of wine, I entered the great room to get a fire going. Omnicom consolidating 2016.
We had a massive sectional unit in this room where there was more than enough room for three people to have a variety of activities.
In front of the fireplace we had a large bearskin rug, which Vanna and I have used quite often.

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As I worked on the fire, Vanna and Christine worked on each other.
They were kissing openly now, their hands feverishly exploring each others bodies.
Christine removed Vanna’s camisole and eagerly sought her nipples. Chatting up grannies.
Vanna had pierced nipples, and tonight she was wearing large round hoops in each one.
Christine was sucking Vanna’s erect nipples, hoops and all.
As she sucked on Vanna, Christine gradually worked herself out of that black dress, revealing a slightly pudgy body that was very appealing. Real amateur porn movies.
Her tits were full, with very large nipples that I couldn’t wait to get my lips on.
She was wearing a black thong, revealing a full ass.
She was really working Vanna’s tits over.
Vanna was enjoying Christine’s assault on her tits, but was able to get Christine’s thong off, revealing a dark black patch of hair above her pussy.

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Vanna wasted no time exploring the gash between Christine’s legs with her fingers.
Christine had removed the rest of Vanna’s clothing and was busy with Vanna’s pussy herself.
Soon they switched to a 69 position and were licking and sucking each other with reckless abandon. Fuck women olowiwi.
It didn’t take Christine long to cum, as her moans intensified into screams of joy.
Vanna didn’t let up on her eating during Christine’s orgasm and even worked a finger into her ass.
It was an incredible turn-on to watch these two, so I decided it was time for me to get involved in the fun. Quotations about internet dating.
I quickly undressed and moved toward the rug and the two women in heat.
I was hard already from watching them eat each other, so I had to decide which one would take care of my erection.

I knelt on the rug near Christine’s head and held my cock near her. Marianna6969 free nude girl sax chat com.
Christine reached out to stroke it as she continued to munch on Vanna’s pussy.
She stroked me hard and the pre-cum leaked out of the head.
Immediately, she stopped eating and allowed me to slide my cock into her mouth. Double domination session.
She was an expert at sucking cock, alternating between sucking and biting, all the while maintaining pressure on the soft underside below the head.
She sucked deeply, as if inhaling a cigarette.
Her lips and mouth were wet from Vanna’s pussy and that made it easier for my cock to slide in and out of her mouth. Rome major rough.
Her mouth was wet and warm, and she worked my cock in and out, up and down.
Her tongue escaped her lips as she gobbled on my hard shaft and gathered the moist saliva that had gathered on it.

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