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The girls made it just in time, as no sooner did Megan get onto her knees did Brian shoot off his first stream of sperm.
Despite the fact that it was his third orgasm of the evening, there was no shortage of semen for him to give his friends. Sexylatin18 karala bast sxsvedo.
In fact, there was still such power behind his first stream that it actually went past Gabby, for the most part, save for a part of the stream that grazed her right cheek.
The rest of the load actually hit Megan’s face, planting a healthy helping of semen on her nose and upper lip. Pussysquirt gay models fucking.
With a grunt, Brian released a second stream, this time not making it all the way to Megan, but instead hitting Gabriela just below her left eye, with a smaller breakaway stream landing right on her lips. Kelly brook naked photos.

The final, weaker stream managed to land on Gabby’s right breast, while the remains of whatever lacked the power to shoot out of Brian dribbled onto Gabby’s right leg.
Smiles of content spread to the faces of both girls, happy to be kneeling on the floor, their best friend’s cum scattered over their bodies. Rizzo head shaved you tube.
Getting their shy friend of several years to have done this was so pleasing to them that the sex they just had could have sucked, and they still would have been happy with the events of the evening.
The fact that the sex was great only meant that they could enjoy doing this all over again without all of the foreplay if they wanted to get to things a little more quickly. Sladkaiapopka free indian aunties webcam chat.
Whoa, that was intense, Brian let out like a whoosh of air.

The girls giggled.
You see, Brian.
Just because we’re friends, it doesn’t mean we can’t fuck each other, Gabriela explained.
I’m sure that our friendships will be even better now for it, Megan added. Mature threesome wife.
I think you’re right about that, Brian stated in agreement.
I think I need a shower.
Does anyone want to join me? ME, the girls shouted in unison before getting up and chasing Brian into the bathroom.
It was long ago, and in a strange land, and besides, the wench is dead. Free monique footjob videos.
Is that all that is to be said of a woman whose beauty ruined herself and a nation?

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