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I clenched my fists and sweat flowing down as if I was in a sauna.
I heard some slight footsteps and I felt the presence of hands on my thighs.
I turned my head over to see her eyeballing me lustfully.
“Mindy, I’ve noticed you have been appreciating my cleavage lately. Horney older in mromagi.
Would it be safe to suggest, that you have a thing for me?” I turned around, gawked at her and then I felt more cum flowing down my legs.

I felt like blood thinned out, so I began shivering slightly.
Nothing was said for about a minute as she stared right back.
“You are wearing a green blouse and a blue skirt,” she observed, closing the gap.
“I seem to be rubbing off on you to a slight degree,” she mentioned, as her fingers made their way to the top button.
“May I?” I nodded my head somewhat and she calmly undid the first two buttons.
“Oh, I should slap you, Mindy.

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