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I blushed when he called me that, it was the name my Master, his father, used to call me.
I knew he would have read that in my journal.
“I spent a long time with your journal, mother.
I have read all of your secret thoughts, all the things you did with him and all the things you wish you could still do. Sexyguylatinn sexarab wab.
You cannot deny that you enjoy being owned and being dominated, it excites you.
And I have wanted to be with you for a long, long time.
So now I have decided that I am taking over where he left off,” he said confidently, looking at me.
“I have tried to throw hint after hint at you.

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I have tried showing you that I am no longer your “little boy” and that I am fully capable – and built – to take over as your Master.
Do you realize how many nights I have dreamed of being your Master? Of being able to do the things in your journal and being the one you kneel to? Asian street wear. Today was not the first time I have read this book, mother.
Oh no, I have read and studied this book for some time.
I think I know this book almost as well as you do.
And yes it has been the source of many of my masturbation fantasies as well! Women looking for a couple bhimtal.

I had never dreamed that my son would have fantasies of me and this idea of him taking over as my Master was at once exciting and a little scary.
He was showing me a side I had never seen before and it definitely had me intrigued.
“Now, I am going to have you tonight, mother, and I would really prefer it if you submitted to me willingly and accepted me as your new Master. Xxx chat withoit log in.
I would rather not have to waste time to go through this debate every time I want to have sex.

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