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Sex or no sex, a strong bond has kept you two together.
THEN I was concerned and wondered when things would change.
When will they get back to normal? In my armchair, a glass of beer in hand and the television flickering in the corner of the lounge, I was deep in thought and only vaguely aware, like background music, that Veronica was upstairs settling the twins down for the night. Xxheidixx my couples cam.
Ah, the twins! In just over a week, it would be their first birthdays – a staggering thought.
And that only served to highlight my continuing concerns and worries.
Rubbing a forefinger over my chin bristles, I mused: Just when will Veronica be ready to make love again? Mobi community flirt dating. I took a hearty slug of beer and, once more, pondered on this strange, ongoing situation.
I tried to make sense of the puzzle, reflecting on what had happened over the past year.
Or not happened… For six months after the birth of the twins, I had been caring, supportive and patient. Lois griffin fbb muscle porn video.

I knew that Veronica had her hands full with the babies and needed all her rest and strength to cope with the demand on her time and energies.
If it meant she was too exhausted for love-making, so be it. Latina women.
I accepted that.
I could wait.
I nodded to myself: yes, those had been my initial thoughts.
Of course, I’d helped where and when I could but it was a two-way street.
I, too, needed my strength to combat the stress and challenges of the business world. Naughty mums sparwood.
I frequently worked a six-day week and long hours at that.
But, being in my early thirties, I was fit and blessed with a strong mind and physical stamina.
No problems there.
And Veronica also understood the work situation and supported me wholeheartedly. Sexy school girls riding cock.
So, I thought, everything has turned out pretty good.
Everything, that is, except for this lack of sex – in fact, this total absence of sex.
What’s happened? How did we got to this point? We used to have a great sex life and Veronica was often the instigator, eager to experiment with new positions and other stuff, including light bondage.

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But now? Well, I’m still virile and hungry but Veronica is… I don’t know, I’m not sure what she is.
I leaned back in my chair, stared at the ceiling and recalled the various occasions over the months when I’d I tested the waters, cuddling up in bed and letting my hands wander. Swimwear pictures elin nordegren.
Without fail, I’d been rebuffed.
If I touched her bra-covered breasts, she’d quickly say, No, Richard, sorry, I’m a bit tender there.
I understood that, she was feeding two hungry mouths.
But when my fingers strayed down her tummy towards her pubis she’d give me a quick peck on the lips, turn her back on me and say, G’night, the girls will want feeding soon. Old couples porn photos.