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Ksyusha and Ira are left alone.
Oh, what were the days for them.
Ksenia wanted her daughter to recover a little from the beatings and eat normally over the past few weeks.
The girl cleaned the house, in the garden and the barn.
When the house was perfect, Xenia took the money, which she hid for a rainy day and went to the store, leaving Ira with her grandmother.
The girl played with her old, battered teddy bear, whom she loved so much and did not quite notice how Stasik Uncle approached her so she called him.
– Good morning, Ira! – Stasik uncle! – the girl rushed to the guy in her arms and kissed him on the cheek.
Sometimes, when Stas thought about it, it began to seem to him that he was getting used to the girl and her mother, but he quickly threw this nonsense out of his head.
– Where is your mom? – Mom went to the store, dad went fishing, and now my grandmother will bathe me, otherwise they say that I am like a pig.

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And I will not swim anyway! I do not want! The guy laughed merrily.
– If you obey your mother, I will give you a present.
– A present? Which one then? – the girl became an attentive and serious look to the guy looking for her promised gift.
– You’ll see as soon as you buy up.
I want to look at your face, but I can’t, while it’s so dirty — the guy smacked the girl in her nose and lowered her to the ground, went to get Xenia.
The girl was just returning home when she saw Stanislav.
She walked past, without even saying hello, but the guy stopped her.
“Can’t you say hello?” – Hello.
– From the shop? – And the package is not visible? – I did not notice, he’s almost empty.
Come on, buy what you need – the guy took the girl by the hand and took him to the store, but she broke free.
– Firstly, I have never lived at someone else’s expense and do not intend to do this, secondly, I don’t need to go into my life and thirdly, you don’t understand that I’m married and if my husband finds out, he will kill me! – You’re not married.

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He just does not let you go, and maybe you just do not have where to go, am I not right? – He sold the house of my family, and now.
I’m not complaining about anything.
We used to live and live normally now.
The girl was about to leave, but the man grabbed her hand and, drawing her close, he kissed her passionately.
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