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I felt a light touch to my crotch and reflexively squeezed my legs, but they were very easily pulled apart, I lowered my head, I could see my sisi and between them a piece of hair of my pubis, behind them was a reddish haze.
The contact with my vagina was repeated, but my legs could not help me, I closed my eyes again and began to try to understand what was happening there.
My lips began to move apart, something thin penetrated into my pussy and began to push the entrance to me, almost immediately it happened with the anus.
I lay there and felt like they were opening me from both holes, but I could not do anything.
Suddenly, something cold began to penetrate into me, at once into both holes, the feeling was such that water was poured into me, but I could not force it out.

Meanwhile, the filling continued, a little cold filled my lower half of the abdomen and did not stop.
I looked between my breasts, my legs were girdled with red mist and held them, my pubis was stretched, the extension continued, I really wanted to use the toilet, but I couldn’t strain, not a single muscle.

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At some point it seemed to me that now I would just begin to burst, suddenly a strange feeling of filling overshadowed me, as if someone had started to release pressure to another place, my stomach began to swell noticeably, I lowered my eyes.
So it is, my stomach was stretched by the pressure inside my uterus, this fluid now flows into it.
I began to naturally swell, I felt like air, my stomach began to pull me down, I felt like it was even nice, but it also became scary, but what if I was blown away now and that’s all? But suddenly the pressure stopped, I quickly lowered my eyes, my stomach was huge, as if in the eighth month of pregnancy, the boobs shook above the floor, and my pussy began to close, no matter what, it began to leave me.
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