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She had to beg in the city, engage in prostitution, and when she was beaten to a pulp by a drunken sailor, she had a miscarriage and now she was barren.
In the end, after all, she went to Spain with a gypsy camp.
When she returned to us a year ago, she was no longer recognized.
– “I am old not from the hard times of wandering, but from the offense that gnaws at my heart.
But now I am avenged, I hope your stepmother will suffer from these caballeros, who today had her as a dirty bitch.
To you, Jeannette, I do not harbor anger, and regret what happened.
I will not bind you and you will

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be able to return home as soon as we mount the horses.
I ask you not to untie this Gorgon, although still in such weather no pursuit is terrible, there are many roads, and the rain washes away all traces.

Lisa ran into the audience.
None of the students have left.
At the table, collecting papers, sat the storm of the whole institute, Vladimir Nikolaevich M.
He looked at her inquiringly and Liza almost burned with shame for being late, for her out-of-breath look and for the whole situation.
It was necessary to manage to be late for the most important exam, to the most strict teacher! But Lizina Guilt was not here, at first her workmate was late, then the bus was in a traffic jam for a long time and this is the result.
She hoped that she would come at least to the very end of the exam and be able to pass everything quickly – she was preparing and knew the subject as “excellent”, but it did not work out.
Vladimir Nikolaevich silently looked at her, and the poor girl did not know where to start the conversation.
“Hello,” she said, breathing a little.
“Hello,” the professor answered, looking at her over his glasses.
He watched her carefully.

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Lisa was good in a short skirt, shoes and a light raincoat.
– I’m on the exam.
“I see, but,” he looked around at the empty audience, “but the exam for today is over.
-Can I answer quickly? – she really did not want to transfer everything to some other day.
“No, honey, that’s all for today,” he continued to write something in his papers.
– How can I pass, Vladimir Nikolayevich, when? “I’m on vacation from tomorrow, my dear,” he answered Liza, not looking up from the papers.
On holiday! But without this exam, she will not be able to qualify for a scholarship from one large foreign foundation! What to do? – What should I do, Vladimir Nikolayevich? – Lisa desperately sank into a chair next to the professor.
“The only thing I can offer you, my dear, is the time from 19 o’clock tomorrow, but you have to drive me to my house.”
The day after tomorrow I fly away for two months.
All this he said, not looking up from his notes, but surreptitiously watching the reaction of the girl.
The student didn’t pay any attention to him at all; she was too absorbed in her sufferings.
Home? He invites me to his home? She felt somehow uncomfortable.
The classic plot – the teacher invites the student home and: No, no, he’s not like that, much less – she was late.
Yes, and he lives with his mother – like someone told her.
Will he not harass her with her mother? But just in case, Lisa tried to ask about other options.
It turned out that tomorrow all day V.
will be busy at the Academy of Sciences and the opportunity to take the exam will be with him only from 19 to 20 hours at his home.
Although there was another option to come to the Academy by 8 am, but Liza could not work.
Having agreed on a meeting, they broke up.
The girl quickly found the house in which lived a strict professor.
She climbed to the top floor, looked in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw.
The cheeks are pink, the lips are scarlet, the hair is taken in a ponytail, a pretty, snub-nosed girl.
In the exam at home there was some kind of hidden charm and mystery.
Although Liza was not going to start any intrigue with the professor, she knew everything without intrigues, but she was a little worried.
Perhaps that is why she tried to look your best.
But what if? The professor was her handsome man in the prime of his life, fashionable, witty, but a bit menacing.
Standing in front of the door, she exhaled deeply several times to calm down and rang the bell.
No one opened for a long time.
She called again and soon heard the sound of footsteps inside the apartment. Solo squirt cam.

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