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Offer food to the guest, do not wait until he asks for it and give the bowl out of his hands – the native cauldron does not like other people’s hands.
Both the guest and the host should speak about their affairs casually, without boasting about mining and luck.
It so happened that three young hunters went to sable.
We got to our hunting grounds, settled.
The elder threw the burning bark inside the dwelling, expelling evil spirits, introduced coal from his native home.
Leaving the youngest, Esken, to collect firewood, but to cook food, the elders, Ezak and Ymaye, set off to snare, promising to return in the evening.
The sun had long been about to give place to the moon, when behind the threshold there was a cautious rustle.
Come in, come in, and then dinner gets cold for a long time, ”said Esken sullenly.
It must be said, he was quite upset with his comrades for not letting him spend the first day in the hunt to search the loose snow.
To the amazement of the boy, an old woman came out to the hearth

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, small and dry, dressed in a well-worn huht (women’s winter gown) with a black border — gray and completely toothless.
Where are you from, grandma, come from? Son, you would have planted more firewood, warmed me old, fed me, and then I would ask, black bead eyes flashed slyly.
Help yourself, – the hunter shrugged and wanted to give her food, but she was ahead of him.
Not paying attention to the fire, suddenly cracked and fireworks of sparks showered her shoes, she scooped up almost from the polkotelkoy.

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Esken didn’t even have time to blink an eye, as the guest ate everything, was only surprised even more.
Interesting, – the old woman broke off – Are you a strong person? Weak did not call.
– he grunted, thinking to himself whether the three of them had enough food, – the weak do not go after the sables.
Oh, what? Yes, you and me, I suppose, you will not win and the sable will not suffocate.
– It seemed the old woman mocked him.
Do not hurt me, old woman, my mood is black – and I can beat! And let’s fight.
Do they not say about such people: “Why do you not know anything?” (Idiomatic expression – mad, stupid – approx.

av) – Esken started to get angry.
– Where is it seen that the old woman fought with a guy? Uh, you have no heart, only your lungs are hanging.
(Also idiom – the brave have a heart, the coward does not) Let’s go – the hunter said evil, seriously deciding to teach the old woman a lesson and drive her out.
With the first strike, the old woman knocked the guy into a snowdrift.
Esken rose, again grappled with a rival, but she lifted him and threw him to the trees.
The old woman turned out to be extremely strong and enduring – as the guy did not resist, she lightly shook him down with his mind, until he was weakened.
Gently giggling, the old woman tied Esken between two trees so that he remained lying and was immovable.
“Do you think,” she said thoughtfully, pulling out a small knife and checking with a finger, “if you kill, hang your tongue on one side and your heart on the other, go between them – will I become stronger?” The hunter was silent.
I also think not.
– The old woman sat on the guy on horseback.
Esken gasped, and then blinked, chasing away the delusion.
On it sat a young girl of incredible beauty who, slightly leaning back, was smoking a pipe.
Well, what a man.
winner of pathetic and feeble old women.
do you like me? The hunter just stared at her stupidly, unable to say anything or look away from the charming smile of a beautiful woman.
He suddenly felt how his male nature against his will began to increase in a pulsating way, threatening to fill his feelings with desire. Sex online com.

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