Sex in the hidden camera.

Sex in the hidden camera.
It took about ten minutes, the wife did not return.
Slava returned and silently climbed to his top shelf.
Following this, urgent matters were found in Jura.
I was alone at the table, my wife did not return, and I went to see what was holding her back.
I realized what was happening even earlier than I reached the door of the vestibule when I heard the reticent male moans and the mooing of my little wife, so familiar to me the familiar expression of high with a dick in my mouth.
I did not want to let go of the spectacle, and carefully approached the tightly closed doors.
So it is – in the vestibule stood Yura with his pants down, in front of him was squatting on my wife, whore, with both her hands she was intensely caressing her clit.
Yura firmly held her hair and strung her mouth on his penis, a pretty decent size, making sure that he entered entirely.
The cock didn’t fit well, the little wife choked and wheezed, but she tried even better because of this, and finally she got enough of swallowing him so that her nose buried in the hair of his pubic hair, and almost all her eggs were in her mouth.
At the same time she tried to watch his reaction with her eyes, but Yura, meanwhile, had already strayed from a groan to a growl

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, rolled her eyes and began to put her head on her dick with a vengeance.

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Here I felt pride – after all, my wife is a really cool slut, not every man can boast about it.
A few more such successful movements – and Yura breathed heavily and put his wife in his mouth with all his might, so he pressed his nose with his stomach.
The wife at the same time convulsively squeezed her knees and shook her whole body, she could not moan, and therefore only moaned loudly, like a chick under a bull.
Yura made a few more movements with his dick in her throat, and then carefully took it out.
His wife gently took it in her hands and gently licked the remnants of sperm.
I did not want to be caught, and went back as a coupe.
Soon my fuck returned, she kissed me with a smile and began to make a bed.
When she bent down, then her little skirt opened everything up to the middle of her ass, and she was no longer wearing panties.
I pretended not to notice this.
When she was leaning especially low, it was possible to notice that her cunt was already well developed by someone — she was lush and wet.
And she bent down low, especially when she was an asshole to Slavik, and because of this, something began to interfere with sitting – he began to fidget and straighten his dick in his pants.
My wife noticed and giggled.
We talked about the perfect woman, and Slavik said.
– The ideal woman is a free prostitute! “So it’s me!” My wife rejoiced.
I had no choice but to agree.
Whom if I don’t know my wife? There’s a member of Slavik who nearly broke his fly to him, it’s good that Yura entered.
We sat at the table a little more and got ready to go to bed.
I went to my regiment, the guys climbed upstairs.
Wife coquettishly stated that everyone should close their eyes, because she was used to sleeping naked and should undress.
They all laughed together, but pretended to obey.
My whore, without turning off the lights, began to undress slowly and beautifully. Sex in the hidden camera.

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