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I myself, if I were younger, would also have left a minimum of clothes, ”my mother praised me:“ Will you go to the river again? Look, don’t go far.
“To my surprise, nobody in the yard paid the slightest attention to the fact that I went out in shorts.
I was most embarrassed by the first minutes of my appearance on the street with my bare legs.
At first it seemed that everyone was just looking at me.
But Oleg’s calm demeanor was the best support.
By the way, my shorts were obviously small to me, since they were bought a couple of years ago for a sports camp.
Although they were short, they were free enough and did not tighten anything.
I gradually lost my temper and stopped noticing any slight inconvenience, especially since I didn’t wear panties for them on the advice of Oleg.
I enjoyed the new feelings when the warm wind touched the cherished places while walking.
“How did I not know before that it’s much more comfortable to walk like this than to wear jeans that look tight?” – now and then a thought occurred to me.
Our ordinary company of bathers gradually gathered in the yard.
Seva and Dima-Globus, Sveta and Lala, Oleg and me.
Everyone quickly got to know his brother, and, as usually happens at that age, on the way to the subway they were already easy talking on various topics.
Only after coming to the beach, when both boys and girls, usually, undressed to their underpants, I realized that there were no underpants under my shorts.
Confused, I began to look for Oleg through my eyes and I was stunned.
Oleg with Sveta and Seva already ran to swim and there was nothing at all on it.
I was even more surprised that no one paid any attention to this.
Globus and Lala talked animatedly about something sitting on a towel spread out.
So I stood until the company headed by Oleg did not buy it.
Oleg, Seva and Sveta walked in our direction wet and funny: – Let’s play cards, – Oleg suggested and leaned over his backpack.

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Cards and cigarettes appeared from the backpack.
Handing out the cards, Oleg sipped his cigarette.
“I propose to play the fool for undressing,” Sveta suddenly suggested, who, in her 11 years, had not worn the top of a swimsuit.
“A good idea,” Lala supported her — Olezhka won her long undressed, and our boys always bathe in shorts.
Are you ashamed of us? – I’m not shy, just somehow not accepted.
– And what is not accepted, then? Look, the girls also bathe naked, – Sveta showed two girls of 9-10 years old, who came to the beach with her mother, and were completely passionate about building a sand castle with their peers.
“So they are small,” Dimka-Globus joined in the conversation.
They called him a globe because every summer his parents cut his bald head.
“They are only a couple of years younger than you,” said Oleg, dragging on a cigarette, “I have been naked since childhood.”
When in the pool at the section I have to wear swimming trunks, I feel very uncomfortable.
Now there is pressure, then here.
Already on the river you can feel free while we are still children.
Vaughn Seva was bathing and was sitting in wet shorts now.
What’s good? I have long since dried up.
Yes, in our village, everyone on the lake is swimming naked.
Do you go to the bathhouse too? – Well, in the bath another thing.
There are only men there, – I finally put in my word, even though the question was not addressed to me.
– But in Germany, all together go to the bath.
Men and women are naked steaming.
When we went with parents, went to a bath.
Nobody is shy about anyone, – smiled Sveta.
“Did you go to the bathhouse with your father like that?” – I was surprised.
– Yes, I went.
Father what to be ashamed of? He did not see me naked.
“And that’s right,” Seva supported. “I am not ashamed of my mother either.”
When we were on the Black Sea, I also bathed.
But there is another thing.
Nobody knows me there.
And what if classmates come to the beach? – This is an important thing.
If they do, put on your pants, ”Lala replied.
– I agree, – I was the first to get the courage, because the idea of ??buying a bobber came to me before, but I could not decide at all, but now I have a chance.
My heart is pounding.
– And here is the first fool, or rather a

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fool – Oleg laughed.
During the conversation, I did not notice that Oleg was left alone with Sveta.
Chapter 1 Shel 1981 I was 14 years old and I lived in the village of Kray not far from the regional city of N.
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