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She did this by thinking about me.
This is not a trauma, it is a union !!! Bloody tie !!! On my knees I stretch my lips to kiss her tatoo.
– You can peck, just lightly, it is still fresh and painful.
It’s better not to touch it until it heals.
I gently smack this charm, take her warm and gentle feet in my hands, press them to my cheeks.

I’m all in some kind of sentimental puppy delight.
Our union is immortalized, not in sadistic furniture slavery, but in a beautiful graphic-bodily image.
– Well, well, calm down, and then out the eyes in a wet place.
– Says Mrs.
Although I see that she is pleased with my well-felt reaction.
– And then, I will like it and I will do the same on the other leg, guess what will happen to your other half of the ass, eh? We both laugh.
For it is said: “It does not matter when, how much, how and where, it is important – with whom!”.

more recently, voyeurs have turned me on wildly.
but not those who spy on me, but when they spy on someone else.
I’ll start with one little background.

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at the moment when it happened, she didn’t break anything in me, but with further events I remembered, and also affected what happened to me in the end.
so, I was driving somehow in the bus, and drew attention to one guy.
He looks like he was 55-60 years old, an elderly uncle in general.
my attention was attracted by the way he stared at the girls standing and sitting nearby.
absolutely unhealthy was the look.
he ran his eyes from one ass to another, peering between his legs, staring at his chest, for those from whom she clearly stood out.
loudly snuffled, puffed.
I immediately remembered the stories about pressed in transport.
I have not met these, but it seemed that this type of person.
there was a feeling that he was trying to overcome the desire to pounce on someone and rape directly among people.
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