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Nifiga is not a simple cottage village – at the gates there were luxurious cars, and far beyond the impenetrable for the sight of high fences the most real palaces towered.
Christine cruised to one of these palaces, and, peeping with the remote control, opened the gate.
The car drove into the yard cleared of snow, very little inferior to ours.
But our yard was all the nine-story building, and here – just for one house! True, what! With a width of one and a half of the entrance of ordinary urban houses, and a height of three floors, also with a mansard! And, judging by the height of the windows, the ceilings in this house were at least three and a half

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meters! – Well, here we are, girls, and arrived, – the hostess voiced an obvious fact.
Taking bags from the trunk, we went into the house.
And here cleanliness and order reigned.
The table was already laid, and in the corner flickered, shining with lights of garlands, a Christmas tree.
And something told me that this marafet was obviously not brought by Christina, and not two Labradors dozing by the fireplace.
– Will there be someone else besides us? – I asked Katya anxiously.
But the millionaire’s daughter heard my question, and answered for her sister: – The old husband and wife live here, but today they have a day off.
Until the third day we are all alone! I hurried to hide a smile.
Probably, these elderly husband and wife are waiting for the weekend with horror, and they will not wait to return to work! ”The dogs, sensing the guests, lifted their heads.
– Tyson, Fraser, fu! Own, ”Christina snapped at them.
– Do not worry, they are peaceful.
Come in, make yourself comfortable.
The warning seems to apply to us with Katya.
Alenka, apparently, was a frequent guest here, because as the master’s gesture she took out slippers from under the nightstand in the corridor, she stretched two pairs to us, and only put them on herself.

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Inside the house was even more impressive than the outside – oak and mahogany furniture, expensive carpets, and hides on the walls.
A special place was occupied by the rack with boxing awards.
I wonder what Christina’s father is doing? Since there was nothing to do – everything was ready for the celebration, and there was still a carriage of time before the celebration, we took a couple of bottles of wine and a pack of cards and decided to spend the passing year sitting on the carpet in front of the fireplace.
“Well, girls,” Christina clicked the cards, draining a glass of wine.
– Let’s play? – What? – asked Kate.
– Yes, at least in the fool, not to boot, – suggested the hostess.
– It’s just not interesting to play like this, let’s strip! – supported her Alenka.
I was afraid to give consent – because if I lose, the girls will see that I’m not a girl at all.
But my sister decided for both of us, accepting the offer.
She definitely could not get so drunk from one wine glass, which means she had something in mind.
And, most likely, something completely depraved — nothing else has occurred to her lately.
The first batch of merged Alenka, and took off her jeans, left in tights.
I noticed that the blonde wore them on her naked body – without panties, and nylon, having parted her sexual lips, pressed them to the pubis in the open state.
The second batch was drained by Katya, and, raising her ass, she removed her panties from under her skirt.
After the third pariah I had to undress, and I wanted to get rid of one stocking, but the girls protested, insisting that stockings, socks and so on go for one thing, and slippers are not considered at all.
Considering that the second bottle was already empty by this time – it was useless to argue with them, and there was no particular desire, and I submitted.
But the next few times Kristinka lost, remaining as a result in shorts alone.
I involuntarily admired her figure – taut, tanned, with impeccable slender legs and huge hemispheres of breasts with large nipples sticking out.
And, sighing enviously, she involuntarily looked down at her chest, where, if it weren’t for her bra, there wouldn’t even be knolls.
“Don’t worry,” the hostess laughed drunkenly.
– I was also up to eighteen years old as a blackboard, and then as vymahali! – Nice to fill! – waved my sister.
– Tell me straight – dad made a gift.
Her dad is a plastic surgeon, she explained to me.
– But I’ve always been interested – where is your plug? – continued to smack Alenka.
– What is the gag? – Christine did not understand.
– Well, which of you have to take out so that the boobs are blown away! – explained the blonde. Outdoor sex hidden cam.

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