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More precisely, it made his cock.
He, then narrowed to the thickness of the child’s little finger, but remaining just as long, began to twist in the vagina and curl into a spiral.
So, he swelled so much that he filled Yun-Li’s womb, screaming with acute delight.
Sometimes, as if assembled, covered with vibrating rings, it seemed like a rotating screw.
Khitayanka has never had anything like this.
She was simply stunned by wild, completely indescribable sensations.
And at that moment, when a member of Kulba changed once again, it felt like it felt like balls from beads started to roll inside the vagina, Yun-Li, screaming in an orgasm, shrill and screaming.
The discharge was so strong that for a moment the girl even fainted.
And then followed even more unbridled and wild action.
The demons lifted Yun-Lee above the floor so that her legs were sticking up and her head was hanging down, her hair touching the floor.
Kulba squeezed a Khitayanka member into the anus and she was hurt judging by tears and cry.
But be that as it may, the enormous organ of the demon penetrated there without any transformation.
Melf entered the prisoner in the vagina.
So together the hellish creatures copulated with the screaming girl, and then swapped places and continued until instead of screaming from the chest Khitayanka did not begin to proceed, only mournful and weak moans.
For a minute, she was released, or rather laid back to the floor.
From excessive blood flow to the head, Yun-Li had to recover for a while.
– Well, you soon, whore? – shouted impatiently Kulba.
– Still, human women are weak.

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Far from them to demoness.
– Careful, you stupid! Cried Samset anxiously watching Yun-Lee, exhausted.
– Remember, the girl should not die! – Nothing will happen to her! – Melfoot zaggotal, snapping at the prisoner.
Throwing the Khitayanka legs on his shoulders, he began to move his ass rhythmically.
A member of his freely dived into the wet hole of the vagina.
It all ended with the fact that the demon, unable to endure more, plucked up the seed.
He pulled out of the maid’s writhing penis and growling as the beast poured almost all of her face with sperm.
The sticky, viscous pearly-matte shade of sperm covered the lips, cheeks, neck Yun-Li.
The smell was sharp, reminded of the stench of stale sheep cheese.
– What have you done! Cried the sorcerer, shaking his hands indignantly.
– It was necessary to pour into it! We agreed so! “Don’t worry,” Melf laughed, quite snorting at the same time.
– I still have plenty of seed.
A whore must smell like a whore.
– There is nothing better than smelling, soaked with the juice of the conception of a harlot! –

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roared Kulba, perching on the moaning Yun-Li from above.
He copulated with her to his own orgasm and, to the great joy of Samsat, emptied the eggs into the bosom of the girl.
Khitayanka, was already exhausted to the limit.
But the demons attacked her again.
Putting the girl on his side, they entered into it one by one, replacing each other every half minute.
And they didn’t understand where to dive.
Their members burst into the anus and vagina.
Sometimes they moved in both holes at the same time.
Do not forget the monsters shove their pulsating penises and in the mouth of Yun-Li.
Khitayanka arrived in a faint state of mind.
Orgasms completely exhausted her and out of pleasure, eventually turned into torture.
Belit cried and screamed, seeing what they were doing with her maid.
She showered curses and curses at the Stygian sorcerer, spitting in the direction of the homoning, howling demons.
But they did not pay any attention to Belit, they seemed to be mad: they jumped, tumbled over, jumped up to Yun-Li, now from behind, then from the front, in order to master it again and again.
Their movements were swift, sharp, unpredictable – a real hellish carousel. They forced the girl to take the most incredible and depraved poses. Live nude tv show.

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