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Where have you seen the teacher rushing for the student down the hall? In the end, he waved his hand, deciding to find out from her more in detail what kind of university she studies.
But on the next meeting, Olga, because of her hobby for the Turkish TV series “The Magnificent Age”, was completely absorbed in the oriental fantasy, invented by Alex, and inattentively read all the extraneous issues.
He did not insist.
The sound of quiet music floated around the room.
The pleasant melody swayed, made me relax and forget everything.
Closing her eyes, a girl was lying in an armchair and listening to music.
Her face was peaceful.
She seemed to be completely surrendered to the power of a charming tune.
Only a light unbuttoned cardigan covered the small shoulders, not hiding the chest.
The girl was without panties.
As if waking from a sleepy thought, she opened her eyes and began to caress herself with her hand.

Alex’s new fantasy took her away.
His face was sad and thoughtful.
For several months already, the Most Serene did not know joy.
He was bored with all the concubines in the harem, not one of them lit his heart and inflamed his loins.
Meanwhile, the inner fire was burning hotter and demanded a way out.
Today, the Grand Vizier promised that he had found a way to please the master.
Suddenly pleasant music began to play, the doors opened, and in a slow dance a girl literally swam into the room, dressed in a translucent blue outfit.
Gold bracelets rang on thin ankles and wrists, strands of pearls were woven into long dark braids, snakes descending below the waist.
Transparent trousers, lowered on the thighs, did not hide its chiseled legs, the chest was hidden under a narrow strip of translucent blue fabric.
Waist was completely naked, and a seductive dimple on the stomach and caught the eye of the Sultan.
The master’s face quickened, fire flared in her sad dark blue eyes.
The dancer approached him and now performed her pas at arm’s length from the sultan.

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Shaking her hips, she moved in her inviting dance, forcing Bahadura to feel the heat in her loins.
The girl’s face was half hidden by a translucent blue scarf.
But her black, like the night, eyes openly looked at the Sultan, enticing him into his sweet whirlpool.
Suddenly the beauty in one unnoticeable movement threw off the trousers.
The Sultan’s gaze, longing, hot, fell on a small petal of cloth between the dancer’s thighs.
This tiny piece of silk covered the holy of holies – the bosom of a beauty.
And now the dancer turned her back on the master, continuing to squirm in the dance.
A shudder went through Bahadur’s body – it turned out that the girl’s ass was completely naked, only a string of pearls was coming down from the waist between the seductive buttocks.
Sultan felt heaviness in the lower back, his phallus moved, as if revived after a long hibernation.
And now a lightweight handkerchief flies from the dancer’s chest.
Two elastic breasts spring in time with the movements of the guria.
The beautiful woman, turning back to the sovereign’s ass, leans slightly forward, and before the gaze of the Sultan for a moment, the pink doors of her womb flash.
A purple handkerchief from the hands of the Sultan falls at the feet of the dancer.
And immediately the music stops, the beautiful woman bows to her master, who has bestowed upon her the great honor to climb his bed.
Sultan relaxed leaning on the pillows.
A lustful smile played on his lips.
The young charmer caressed his chest.
Small palms slid across the dark skin, graceful thin fingers entangled in thick shoots of Bahadur’s golden hair.
Sultan’s look reveled in the charms of a naked girl.
Her face is still half hidden from him under a light handkerchief.
Only huge black eyes and long arched eyebrows are accessible to the sultan’s greedy gaze.
But the master wants more and in impatience tears off this half mask.

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, the girl’s face to match her figure – sensual plump little lips of a mouth, elegantly outlined chin and neat straight nose.
Imagination immediately painted Bahadur with a sweet picture, as he digs a kiss into these lips like rose petals and tastes their freshness.
– Oh, my lord! Tell me what your longing heart desires, I will fulfill your every desire, ”says the girl and kisses his hand.
Then he takes in his mouth the index finger of his right hand and slowly sucks, slyly glaring eyes.
– Oh, you, beautiful Perry, what is your name? – Asks her Bahadur, caressing his thumb with her thumb.
“Ozlem, my lord,” replies the beauty.
– Desire? – the Sultan looks at her in surprise.
– Your name expresses what I feel now, – he smiles a happy smile and asks: – I want you to caress yourself in front of my eyes, using these beautiful strands of pearls that adorn your braids. Lesbian spy cam sex.

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