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On the side, on the same shelf, I found an unopened bag with awesome stockings.
Of course, I pretended not to notice anything and continued to prepare for the birthday of my son.
There was a preparatory conversation behind me, but I left it for later.
And then came the momentous day.
Son turned 15 years old.
In the afternoon we decided to take a walk in the park and eat something in coffee, and in the evening sit alone at home.
I asked my son to spend this day with us and without friends, explaining that we had prepared an unusual gift, and I would like to present it in the family circle.
In the morning I started the game, and Svetka, without saying a word, began to play along with me.
In a luxurious, silk dress with a slit at the bottom and a few buttons on top, she looked very seductive.
Her panties were frankly drawn through the dress, and the bra straps emphasized her slim figure.
The edges of the openwork rings of the stockings were visible in the section of the dress, while walking.
My hand was not removed from my wife’s ass, and I did it in front of my son, obviously with an erotic slant.
A little squeezing and stroking.
Svetka was in the game with me.
After a walk in the park, we started talking about which girls were studying with her son, and gradually the conversation became erotic.
At this time, my hand openly squeezed his wife’s chest, right in front of his son’s eyes.
A few buttons on the dress were unbuttoned, and the laces from the bra with their breasts hidden beneath were exposed.
My hand was plunged into a bra and a pink nipple halo was shamelessly between the fingers over lace.
My Sasha was eating with his eyes all this action.
And my wife got so familiar with the situation that she seemed to not even notice my movements and his gaze.

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Our next stop was a cafe where we decided to eat.
I sat everyone so that his wife’s legs were turned in the direction of his son, he sat down beside him, and he sat Sasha in front of us, the other visitors could not see what was happening under the table.
Dry wine and the aroma of a park cafe hit on the head and gave courage to Sasha, as I see it so.
My hand began to actively stroke the charming legs in stockings.
Arbitrarily, I winked at my son and showed with my eyes what my hands were doing.
To my surprise, Sasha began to look frankly at his mother’s feet and at how I stroke them, and moved in our direction.
His hand, the back side, as if casually slipped on the leg.
Well, the contact was made, the rest was the technique.
Svetlana and I spoke without tension and completely at ease, although I don’t remember what it was, but obviously everyone felt good from drinking wine or from an acute situation.
My hand was still ironing my wife’s leg, but already significantly higher, about where the stockings run out and therefore Sasha’s inquisitive look could admire the silk of the panties and the smoothness of the skin.
To consolidate the result, I continued to chat with my wife, felt my son’s hand under the table and gently put it on Sveta’s knee.
Nothing happened, but the veins in her neck tensed, and her breathing increased.
Not removing my hand from my son’s hand, I went above the knee to the place where I could feel the velvety skin of my leg.
The conversation somehow stopped by itself, and only the deep breathing of all three was heard.
The careful movements of his fingers, which slowly made their way under the silk, said that there would be more further.
In order not to attract the attention of rare visitors to the cafe, I made it clear with my eyes that the session was over and I needed to relax.
And everyone needed to

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Svetlana obviously wanted and flowed, and our penises stood so that we could not get up from the chair without attracting the attention of all the women around.
The first act was recouped.
We came home when the light began to appear in the windows, and the twilight of the evening added intima to what was happening.
– Sash, open the bottle of wine.
We settled around the coffee table, and it was clear that all is well.
Quiet music was playing, and in the dim light of the floor lamp everything seemed a bit unreal and tempting.
Sasha sat down next to his mother and tried, though secretly, to touch her dress. Lesbian real life cam.

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