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They had it all easier, especially lately – they missed 5 minutes – he climbed on it, something like poked and that’s enough.
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But the Soviet principles did not allow Vera Vasilievna to live in peace, and, from the realization that her husband had gone to a young one, she began to hate all students.
Especially blonde, the same glamorous type.
And after a few months, it became a real thunderstorm to all students in the German department.
And there was nothing for youngsters to take away other men’s husbands.
But once a close friend, during traditional gatherings over a glass of wine, offered Vera Vasilyevna a nonstandard way out.
According to her, there was no point in hating poor young girls.
She had to make herself a very young lover herself – and not just in retaliation, rather for the soul, in order to feel young and lose the weight of betrayal from her shoulders.

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Are you out of your mind? I’m already 45! – Vera Vasilievna was stunned then.
– What young guy wants me? In 45 woman – berry again! – said friend and laughed.
With the candidacy of Vera Vasilyevna decided immediately.
At the 4th year, a guy who had long attracted her attention studied – not only with excellent studies and immaculate German, but also with his outstanding appearance.
She remembered him as a light-headed whitebird in her first year, but she didn’t suppose that a fine elegant swan would grow out of an ugly duckling.
Vera Vasilievna often caused him to answer – not only to listen to his perfect speech, but also to admire his rare beauty.
She selflessly watched Lenya, retelling the text, throws off perfectly straight blond strands of hair from a high forehead, how she sometimes flaps with thin hands with long fingers, how she looks at her with her non-forgetful eyes, waiting for her to score points.

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This frightened her, but she preferred to be saved by the thought that she was simply receiving aesthetic pleasure, just the same as admiring the beautiful sculpture in the museum.
Lena was 21 years old, but Vera Vasilyevna immediately realized that he had not had a girl yet.
So even more interesting.
“He was from a poor family and he avoided girls, complexing because of this.
But Vera Vasilievna he avoids, will not.
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