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Making slow head movements back and forth, I sucked a member of Lyosha, feeling his pleasant slip on his tongue.
My lips enveloped my dick with a little ring, and every time he moved there and back, I became more and more excited and enjoyed.
org) Then I clamped the member between the breasts and began to masturbate it with them, and Alex, looking at my smile, stroked my hair and shoulders.
After that I straightened and, turning my back to Alexei, leaned forward, taking off my pink thong panties.
Coming up to the bed, I lay down across it, putting my feet on the floor and spreading my knees wide apart, so that my crotch opened to my eyes.
Lesha, coming closer, stroked my hips, then his hands went higher, stroked my waist and rested on my breasts, gently squeezing and stroking them.
I stretched my arms over my head along the bed and felt the dick smoothly entered my vagina and began to move it back and forth.
Emitting quiet moans, I got pleasure, feeling like Leshi’s testicles beat my crotch with each move forward, and his penis completely captured me inside.

Then I lifted my legs off the floor and, clasping them with my hands under my knees, spread them even wider.
– A-aa! – I continued to moan, already louder when Alex, caressing my hips from the inside, continued to fuck me faster.
My breasts trembled a little in time with men’s movements, and my pleasure with fast streams spread all over my body.
I do not know what gave me more pleasure, sex itself, as such, or the fact that I cheated on my boyfriend with his younger brother, and who was also short.

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After some time, Lyosha slowed down a bit, apparently started to get tired, and I decided to give him a break, when he took out his penis from me, while sitting on the bed I started to suck him, I felt in my mouth the taste of grease from the vagina, which remained on my penis .
But due to the fact that my partner was tired, I was mistaken, as he did not let me continue to satisfy him, and he himself began to make rhythmic movements of his penis in my mouth.
The member did not fully enter my mouth, so I could rest on his head with a tongue, thereby delivering additional pleasure to Lesha, and enjoying herself.
With my lips, I felt the tender skin of the penis, while at the same time clasping the men’s buttocks with my hands.
– Mmm! – I made short sounds and enjoyed being fucked in my mouth.
After several dozen rhythmic movements in my mouth, Lesha took out his penis and, bending down, passionately kissed me on the lips, caressing my tongue with his tongue.
I straightened up and, turning my back to him, knelt on the bed, spreading my legs wide apart, and he, clasping my waist in my hips, put my dick in my ass.
– Oh! – I cried softly, so that they would not hear me on the street.
Feeling the quick movements of my cock in my ass, I rested my elbows on the bed and enjoyed anal sex.
The groans escaped from my mouth, and I could not restrain them pressed my mouth to the pillow in order to somehow drown them.
But Lesha, fucking me from behind, completely inserted his dick into me and was not even going to stop, his movements became similar not to the movements of a piston, but to the movements of a hammer driving a nail, the same sharp, but faster.
Navisu, my breasts would have shaken even more, if they had not rested against the pillow, into which I clutched my teeth, and with my hands I squeezed the sheet.
The pleasure seized me completely, I was fucked in the ass not for the first time and not for the first time I ended up having anal

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sex, I felt the pulsating movements of the penis, which meant that Lesch had finished at me at the same time as me. Free live sexy video.

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