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Feehka bongacams.
When we came home, I first looked at the clock.
Half past seven – time to spare.
To the touch Alla was very thin and fragile.
Such is the share of all fashion models.
We danced, I gently pressed her to her – she did not mind.
I moved her hand on her ass, she blushed, but said nothing.
Then I decided to force things, took her chin and kissed her lips.
She did not answer.
I stepped back and even turned away a bit, thinking about further actions.
But at that moment she took me by the head and kissed me.
I looked at her – she was far away.
Circled in a waltz, flew.
I picked her up and dragged her into the bedroom.
She was lying on the bed absolutely happy.
Her face and body radiated pleasure.
Without interrupting the kiss, I took off my blouse, a bra.
My chest seemed smaller than I expected, but its elasticity and freshness were all compensated.

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I focused my attention on her breasts.
The nipple exactly fit my tongue, and I bit it.
She twitched all over.
I hit the bull’s eye.
Her eyes opened wide, she was all tense and clutched at me with a death grip.
I continued by doing it tough.
She screamed and twitched in unison with my movements.
I thought.
“Not a fig for a girl ?! I haven’t done anything yet, just kissed me!” Then I took her hands over her ass and gently kissed her navel, while my ready “friend” was in front of her face, and then sharply bit her tummy just below the navel.
She twitched and buried her face right in my groin.
– Honey, it seems, we are hampered by pants! – I exclaimed and, not waiting for an answer, pulled them from her.
She lay in front of me in her panties, which could perform only a decorative function.

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She already swam like a fish.
The happiness on her face was replaced by euphoria.
I undressed and lay on her.
She absorbed me without a trace.
I firmly hugged her with one hand on the shoulders and the other on the buttocks and felt that she was all wet, then pulled off her panties, threw her legs on his shoulders and gently put a member.
However, I did not have time to insert it to the end.
She screamed and twisted in an incomprehensible way.
– What are you, I’m not ready yet.
Let’s play.
But I was not up to the games! I was already on edge.
I lay down on her and bit my chin slightly.
Feehka bongacams.

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