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Incidentally, these were the most innocent forms of seduction on the part of my female employees.
Some, sitting side by side (and this had to be done often) unceremoniously thrust my hand directly under their skirts, sometimes even prudently not wearing panties.
And Kristina Viktorovna, having waited for the evening, when we were left in the office together, gave me a real striptease on the table, and even to the music.
It cost me a lot of effort not to succumb! So, I didn’t pay any attention to Annushkin’s palm.
We continued to talk, her second hand, as if nothing had happened, was pointing to the monitor, then to the sheets on the table.
After lying there, the first hand moved higher.
Then she began to unbutton a button for a button.
There was a siesta, employees chirping behind the wall, two women were immersed in work, from time to time someone passed by, but saw only two people discussing official matters.
The wall table hid reliably that Annushka’s gentle hand took out my penis, hard as a rock, and began to slowly move along it.
I was dizzy.
In the room where there were two more people, in the middle of the working day, I was jerked off by one of the most beautiful girls in the office! And she herself did not show any feelings, unless she blushed slightly.

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My hand slipped from the table and lay on her knee, then slowly moved up, under the skirt, tightly clinging to her hot thighs.
She slightly spread her legs, just enough so that my hand could easily move her panties back and – lo and behold! – Feel the delicate hairs and hot greedy chink.
Having stroked the swollen lips, my fingers plunged into the hot depth and began to make there neat light movements back and forth and to the sides.
Here she could not restrain herself and quietly, through clenched teeth, groaned.
Now I, who have not lost my mind, realized that things had gone too far.
What’s next? Cum directly behind the desk, pouring semen on the floor ?! No, thank you! And then I suddenly remembered a strange case that happened about a month ago.
Irina Sergeyevna called me to her and showed me the door leading to her office from the landing.
I did not see anyone using this door – everyone came in from the big room.
“Pavel Valerievich,” she said strictly, as always, “make a duplicate of the key and keep it for yourself, and return this one.”
– What for? Instead of answering, she picked up the phone and began dialing the number, indicating that the conversation was over.
She has always been businesslike and arrogant in such cases.
The riddle of the spare key, therefore, I had

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to solve myself.
Time has shown that I decided it brilliantly.
But first things first.
The first step in solving the riddle I considered observing the office of the boss. Cute sex cam.

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