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I looked around, sneaking around looking at my mom’s friends: 20-year-old Oksana with her one-and-a-half-year-old son Seryozha and 15-year-old sister Nastya, 30-year-old Valya with 12-year-old daughter Natasha and our 18-year-old neighbor Alain.
Of course, everyone was snub-nosed – the only consolation in this parallel reality.
“What a pretty one,” said Natasha with tenderness, staring at Seryozha who was lying naked.

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– You can not look at the naked little karapuz? – Nastya looked at her mockingly.
“Lucky for you, Nastena,” said Natasha enviously, “You may have been busy with Seryozh for all days.”
And I have no one – no brother, no nephew.
Natasha sighed heavily.
– What it is? – Mom shouted at me – Why are you still standing dressed? In shorts and T-shirt going to sunbathe? Quickly undress! I reluctantly undressed to the pants.
– Take off your panties too! – Mom ordered me.
– Mom! I protested in protest, feeling a hot wave of shame sweep over my face.
“Sasha, I already told you,” Mom sighed wearily, “You will be naked on the beach today.”
Well? Quickly take off your panties! “Mom, please.”
– I could not stand it and burst into tears, – I don’t want it without panties like a little! “The shorts were forgotten at home,” the mother explained to her friends, “I, Sasha, are not going to go after them!” Himself to blame.
If you hadn’t brought me this morning, I wouldn’t have forgotten anything.
You walk around naked, nothing will happen to you in 5 years.
– Only kids without panties go! – I said through tears.
– Here’s another, – mum chuckled, – Many even older children are stripped naked on the beach.

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– Aha, – Oksana agreed, – Especially boys.
Why should they be shy? – My shy, – mother smiled, – I do not know where he was taught that at the age of 5.
Is it in the garden? Mom squatted in front of me.
Noticing that she reached out to my underpants, I clutched at them with a death grip.
– Now stop being naughty! – Mom said irritably, painfully slapping my hands, – Just think, in 5 years you have to undress like a baby.
Well? Who said! – I got a slap on the pope, – I will teach you to obey! I had no choice but to let her strip me naked.
“Don’t cry,” Natasha appealed to me affectionately. “Look how Serezha likes to bask in the sun naked.”
Noticing that the 12-year-old girl stared between my legs, I remembered that I was standing without panties and quickly covered myself.
– For the first time I see a child being 5 years old so shy, – Valya smiled.
– I, too, – agreed Oksana, – As if none of us saw little boys naked.
The adults laughed together, drove me even more into the paint.
– Well, show me what are you hiding? – Natasha asked gently, opening her hands, – Her little pussy? Natasha unceremoniously lifted my pussy, chuckling softly.
I turned to my mother with a plea in my eyes — she had stumbled into her journal, clearly not intending to interfere.
Kohl woke up from a completely incomprehensible sensation.
It seemed to be stripped.
The boy opened his eyes with difficulty and looked out the window.
Only just getting light.
It was rather dark in the room, but Kolya immediately saw two unfamiliar girls in white coats bending over his bed.
Judging by the young age, both were nannies.
The nurses who worked at the clinic were a little older.
– dry? – one of the girls asked in a whisper.
– It seems to be dry, – the second nodded, unceremoniously feeling the boy between his legs, – Now I’ll take off my little toddler’s pants.
The girl quickly pulled off his pajama pants.
Noticing that she was looking at him between her legs, Kohl made a languid attempt to hide behind.
– What are we shy! – the girl laughed softly and with a quick jerk, holding Colin’s legs up, turned around to the second nurse, – Do not brake, Alena! Have you not woken up yet? “Come on, Irka,” said Alena, leaning over Kolya, “You know how I dislike the first shift.”
Kohl noticed a strange white stick in Alyona’s hands and in the next instant a foreign object slipped into his ass. Cam big boobs.

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