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I left the Irishkin house and went out into the yard, Vladik was just sitting under a canopy and listening to the transistor receiver, I approached him and asked directly: – Vladik, do you want to fuck Irishka? I could help you.
– Of course, I want to, and what should I do for this? – You give me for it in the ass.
The boy’s eyes looked at me and I did not understand how he treats all this.
Did I really started all this in vain, but from Vladik’s trembling fingers, I realized that I had acted correctly.
– Anton, I saw how my father today in the shower fucked you in the ass, was it really so nice, you were all twitching and then finished, without touching his hands.
Please tell how it started.
I briefly told the story of my sex life, Vladik only listened and nodded his head.
Then he got up and said over his shoulder, I will go begging to play cards with you, wait for me here.
He returned immediately, and we went to the house to Irisha.
She was no longer shy about him and, closing the door, rushed to his neck.
– Vladik, dear, so many events happened during these two days, that I would like to tell you everything, only you undress first, and there are too many clothes.
I watched them from the doorway and suddenly I realized that such a woman rich in emotions cannot belong to one person, like Vladik’s mom, you can lock them in cages, you can watch them day and night, but still you can’t relieve their lust.

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When I realized this, the last remnants of jealousy left my heart.
Yes, and I myself am the same, it was thought, watching, as Irisha pulls off shorts together with little cowards from little Vladik.
His segment was not that very, but not very small, I was even afraid for Irishkin’s ass at the beginning, but then I thought that something always happens the first time.
I approached them.
Irishka bent over Vladikin’s member and selflessly sucked it.
I did not have time to warn her how poor Vladik had already discharged into her throat.
He first tried to pull away, but Irisha held him tight on his bare ass and drank the whole charge of sperm with pleasure.
She already entered the role of sexual beast.
I put Vladik facing me on the bed and said: – You will get up soon again, do not worry, let me prepare you first.
His legs and dick hung limply out of bed.
Irishka brought me my jar of anal cream.
I parted these little buttocks and looked at his virgin ass.
Nice pink arealchik between two, rather thin buttocks.
– Antosha, but can I have him anoint, asked Irishka.
She increasingly entered the role of an insidious woman and a seductress.
I silently handed her a jar of ointment.
The girl remembered everything and, very much like Alyosha, began to lubricate Vlad’s hole, he only trembled in response, closing his eyes.
A member of his began to slowly get up.
I leaned over and took it in my mouth so that it would quickly gain strength.
I felt a taste of boyish sperm on my lips.
Then I gave his dick to the girl, and he carefully stuck one finger in his hole.
The boy tried to push him

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out of his gut with his ass, but Irishka’s skillful actions and my perseverance did their job.
The effect of the ointment has already begun and I inserted the second finger. Bongacams pw.

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