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She melted into my arms, but after some time from such unobtrusive caresses, and she and I started up again.
Ira felt my dick, began to revive in its depths, and began to twirl with her ass, trying to strengthen the pleasure that she received from it.
I also wanted a little bit different, and I got up, lifting it, and when we were already standing, I left her burrow, at the same time turning her face to me, and dug into her lips with passionate or even greedy kisses.
So kissing, I pressed Ira to the cabinet, standing on the side of the sofa, and slightly lifting her, put her to the full depth, she grabbed me with her legs, and broke the kiss, moaning strongly from the surging feelings and sensations.
I rammed Ira’s mink, not sparing either myself or the closet behind us, she, clutching at me with a dead grip, and podmahivala to me with her ass, trying to implant on me as deeply as possible.
By fucking her this way for some time, I decide to return to a soft and comfortable sofa.
And without breaking the connection, and, without ceasing my pleasant movements, I transferred Ira to the sofa, carefully putting her on him, continued the tyranny of her pussy.

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Having hardly disengaged her legs, with which she held me, I threw them on my shoulders, and leaned toward her with a kiss, folding her in half along the way.
Fortunately, she is a sports girl, and most importantly, extremely flexible, so this trick did not cause her any inconvenience.
Folded in half, she could not do anything, completely surrendering to my mercy, and receiving from this unusual sensations, she began to shake a little and sob from the rolled up orgasm.
And I continued, and fucked her pussy at an increasing pace, knocking out all new moans from Ira.
It lasted forever, for me, and unbearably sweet for her, but everything ever comes to the final.
And I once again began to irrigate the bowels of Ira, the bay with each movement all new jets, and shot for a very long time, as it seemed to me.
She also sailed while I filled her bowels, holding me close and taking my whole stream and enjoying it.
When we were released, almost at the same time, I turned it over and put it on me, as well as at the very beginning, still not leaving it.
Ira, a little tired of the excess of pleasure, lay on me, resting and basking in my arms, I also rested, recovering myself and recuperating.
We even fell asleep a little from this bliss, I woke up from the fact that Ira, cuddles her ass on me.
And this is a rather pleasant awakening,

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I did not interfere with it, giving freedom of action.
Ira noticed that I was not sleeping, and moreover I did not interfere with her message.
She took my shoulders, for stability, and literally began to ride me, with a large amplitude and ever-increasing speed, moaning out loud and screaming more and more often. Bongacams ledi1 video.

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