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A trip to the northern capital was brewing for a long time.
And here behind him eight hundred kilometers, on the street is hot, and in the blood drive.
My wife and I still escaped from the confusion of household chores and worries.
Julie was happy as much as mine, dragged me along like a one-room dog.
By evening, I was rippled in the eyes of museums, palaces, avenues and bridges.
Only the contrast of hot weather and cold beer kept me alive.
Even before the trip, I wrote off on ICQ with an old friend, with whom several years ago in Moscow worked in the same company.
But then our paths diverged: Dmitry, gathering his beautiful wife in an armful, drove off to St. Petersburg for permanent residence, and I stayed farther on.
Now, having learned about my trip, he offered to drop in on a visit to them for a couple of piles of tea and spend the night at the same time.
It was a sin to refuse such an offer, and in the evening, having satisfied the passion for art, we declared to be a guest. Amateur squirt on webcam.

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