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Let’s take the phone, and then any useful.
– Oh, nishtyak! You stand on the line, and I will shoot.
– and Rusya got the phone.
I rented for 5 minutes, but then the door slammed on the floor and the boys quickly closed the doors and left the school to skip the remaining few minutes of the lesson.
The guys sat in the park not far from the school and watched the video many times and thought what to do with it.
Send it to everyone or tell Alina Nikolaevna (that was the name of the teacher) and ask for something in return.
For reflection classmates were late for this lesson.
Upon entering the class, friends, without apologizing for being late, proceeded to their seats at the computers.
– Sergey, Ruslan! What is this business? – not quite said the teacher.
– Not only are you late so you also behave at home.
Ruslan got up and followed Alina Nikolaevna to hand over the phone to Sergey.
Sergey threw the video onto the computer and immediately dropped it to the teacher, immediately removing it from his computer.
After notifying the teacher that the video had come, she immediately opened it.
I looked completely with the sound turned off.
After watching immediately left for 2 minutes.
As I came in, I asked two “paparazzi” to go along with her from the class.
They came out and the young teacher asked: – What do you want from me for the video? – Anxiously said.
– After the lessons stay, let’s talk! – said Sergey stroking the young face of the girl.
The boys entered the class as if nothing had happened, the teacher got upset after them.
The lesson was over, the guys with the class went to the next lesson, then another lesson was passed and they headed to the computer class.
The door was closed, the guys knocked, and after a few seconds the frustrated Alina opened the door.

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Friends proceeded to the office and behind them Alina closed the door to the lock.
She asked: – What do you want? Of money? Why are you so? I always treated you well! – Said ate holding back tears.
– No, we do not need money, said Gray-We need you! The whole school wants you, but we have such an opportunity! – And if I do not agree? – Alina asked.
– Well, then the video with your caresses goes throughout the school! – smiling said Ruslan.
Sergey took the girl by the elastic ass and pulled sharply to him.
The girl could not even say anything from confusion.
They started kissing, and Ruslan went to the teacher’s computer and said to Sergey: – Hare to suck, bring her here! Sergey took the teacher by the hand and dragged him to her computer.
Ruslan turned on the video and said: – Repeat the bitch! Alina has a tear running down her cheek and she began to climb up on the teacher’s desk “maybe you shouldn’t do this?” Alina thought.
“But the whole school will know, and in front of these two I will now do what they want and everything.”
Alina raised her skirt, pushed her panties to the side and began to masturbate, but it did not excite her and the guys could see it.
And Sergey says: – Get off the table! – in the mandative tone.
– What’s wrong? – asked the teacher.
The guys said nothing.
Ruslan pulled the skirt off the girl and took off her blouse.
The girl stayed in a blue bra and blue panties.
Sergey approached her and said:

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– Did you want to fuck bitch? Now you will fuck! How are you the best together or in turn? The teacher couldn’t say anything, and her face was covered with makeup and tears flowed in a stream.
Sergei went to Alina and pushed her panties to the side and began to massage the fingers of her vagina, then he fell down and began to lick her pussy.
Ruslan sat and watched.
After a while, the girl began to moan with pleasure.
Ruslan went to Alina and started kissing her.
Sergey stepped aside, and Ruslan said: – Become a cancer! – No, please boys! – the teacher begged.
Ruslan grabbed the girl and pushed to the table.
The girl with tears in her eyes leaned against the table.
Rusya pulled the panties off the girl, took out his long-standing member and entered the wet pussy.
He entered at first slowly, then sharply accelerated.
The teacher began to moan again with pleasure mixed with a little pain.
Sergei all this time watching, and then pulled out the phone and began to shoot.
– mm.
Oommm-moaned already in the whole Alina.
– You wanted this slut-shouted Ruslan – Oh, yes. Young teen webcam masturbation.

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