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Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the stunned expression of the faces of the neighbors, perfectly aware of their condition – they saw that, until now, we were not together, every man in himself, and suddenly such strange behavior.
Oh, and do not care about them.
And decency, too, because I will not miss such a gift of fate.
The lips of my unintentional partner are soft and inexperienced, but instinctively greedy; Superficial kisses quickly go deep, allowing me to feel her sharp and warm tongue.
The hands of the girl from the sleeves of my jacket are gradually transferred to the shoulders, and then completely encircle my neck.
Rejecting all remaining thoughts about any decency, I remove my hand from her crotch and, supporting my companion, I completely surrender myself to the pleasure offered to me.
Agree, without the slightest preliminary courting and hassle to get the opportunity to kiss passionately with a completely random pretty stranger is pleasant in and of itself, and even more so if she does it with such selfless ecstasy.
Only one thing disturbed me for a couple of seconds (and, by the way, I almost woke up) – the thought of a two-day stubble, somehow seeping into my dream from reality (it will break out!).
But with a cunning intuitive trick of convincing myself that all this is whim, and here I am freshly chosen by faithful Gillette, I managed to balance out on the edge of my sleep, slipping back to the crimson taste of my neighbor’s lips.
In such a pleasure, it flies for some time, and then I notice how the movement of her lips slows down a bit, her eyes open a little, clear up a bit, and a vague, dumb question lights up in them.
Having decided to extend the moment of pleasure a little more and to throw a small portion of hormones to the girl, I put my left hand between her legs again, trying to hook the folds of her sexual lips between her fingers and rub them together, but my fingers accidentally break off, apparently moving the edge panties, slipping and sticking straight into the crack.

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From a sudden and too strong impulse, the girl shudders, shortly, a little louder than it would be worth, breathes out, “No!” ), but after a few seconds, it still clings to me again, exhausted, clinging to my shoulder, several times by inertia, and without previous enthusiasm, he kisses and re-whispers: “Don’t.
No more”.
And silent.
We are both embarrassed silent.
Finally, suddenly startled, the stranger looks up at me, then looks out the window, again at me and says uncertainly: “I’m
I’m going out now.
And you? You do not go out? “.
Well, it is necessary, also on “You” (?!) – in fact, this is a very piquant feeling, if the girl you just caressed and kissed refers to you like that.
She is probably still very young.
In principle, now I really need to go further, but I can’t easily ruin the integrity of such an unexpected erotic adventure, and so we go together to the exit.
Getting off the trolley, the girl

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crumpled distractedly at the bus stop, looking at me.
I literally, like in an open book, read the face, tormenting her thoughts: “What was it? Who is he? What now?”.
It seems that she is seriously concerned that I, although like a completely outsider guy, but now she is not quite a stranger, as it were; now, since I caressed her most intimate place and very intimately kissed in front of many people, I probably have certain moral rights to her.
Well, as a girlfriend, I don’t need it at all, we just accidentally gave each other a few pleasant moments, which both will remain as good and bright memories.
But you need to somehow put a logical point in this story, so I smile soothingly, ask where she needs to go, and, hugging, gently but strongly push in this direction and firmly insist: “I spend.”
As far as I remember the outlines of the streets of my native city, we are heading now to the School of Arts, which means that my companion is not yet eighteen.
I remember the time section of the road rather vaguely: we chat about various differences, gradually relaxing and calming down, it seems that I even have time to find out her name, but maybe not – it does not matter.
Reaching the corner of the building, the girl stops, again overflowing with doubts.
But I have already made a clear decision for myself, therefore, having admired a tiny young figure for a minute, I gently take her light head in my hands, look at the eyes pending open under fluffy eyelashes, enjoy the tenderness of her fragrant sponges for a few seconds, then kiss the forehead, spread his back and clap on the ass, pushing in the direction of the school: “Goodbye. Www sex gay live.

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