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Sasha began obediently to squat, not knowing where to go from shame.
– Stop! – Lena commanded, getting up from a chair, – We sat down – and did not get up! Like squatting – stretching his arms forward.
Follow me – in a circle.
– Like ducklings waddle, – Oksana laughed.
– Funny ducklings, – Julia giggled, – With pods hanging between her legs.
“The last one sticks out ahead,” Dasha smiled, pointing a finger at Kohl.
– It is urgent to put in front of the pot, – said Vika, – I haven’t written to the floor yet.
– And this is the time to go to the big pot, – Olga giggled, nodding at the loudly farting Sasha.
“Everybody goes to the pot now,” said Lena.
With a gesture of ordering the boys to get up, Lena walked over to the stove and looked into the saucepan with the “pap”.
“Enough for once,” she estimated, pouring a bottle of liquid soap into the pan, “Lead everyone here.”
Now we will learn to ask for the pot.
– In large? – Dasha giggled.
– Yeah, – Lena nodded, – Use the remaining gruel.
“That’s right,” Ksyusha agreed with a laugh, “Not to be lost.”
Lena sat down on a chair and set down a pot of “porridge” next to her, began to fill the pastry syringe.
– Get down on my knees, – she ordered Sasha, – Well? Didn’t hear what you were told? Vika pushed Sasha to Lena and she forcibly put the boy into her lap up her booty.
– Can you hold it? – Lena asked the girl, – Thank you.
Unceremoniously opening Sasha’s ass, Lena slipped a pastry syringe into it and began to slowly push down on the plastic handle.

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“Everything,” she said after half a minute, having completely squeezed the syringe, “You can put tights on him.”
And bring the pots.
Yeah, Oksana – put it here, in front of the tables.
Having loaded all the boys with “pap”, Lena built them into a line.
– Well? – she mockingly smiled, – Will you ask? Or like last time – in the pants? Lena looked expectantly at the first Andryusha.
– Do you want to crap? – She turned to the boy.
He nodded, embarrassed.
– I can not hear! – Lena raised her voice, – Do you want to or not? “Yes,” answered Andryusha, flushing deeply.
– Although it was found out, – Lena grinned, – And where are you going to crap? In tights? – No, – shook his head very embarrassed boy.
– Well no.
– Lena grumbled, – you know other words? Are you going to ask for a pot? I’m waiting.
Lena pointedly put a plastic pot at Andryusha’s feet.
– What is it? she asked.
“A pot,” answered red, like Andryusha’s cancer.
– That’s right, – Lena nodded, – Now tell me why he is needed.
Do not you know? No wonder you do everything in your pants.
Come on, remember why

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you need a pot.
Watch me when I talk to you! Do you want to pot or not? – Of course he wants! – Julia giggled.
– Let him say it himself, – Lena smiled, – repeat after me.
Aunt Lena, I want to crap.
Please remove my pants and put me in the pot.
– Aunt Helen.
– quietly began Andryusha.
– Go on, – Lena nodded, – Tell me what you want – to write or to crap.
“And if it is both?” – Olya giggled.
– Come first, – said Lena, – Aunt Lena, I want.
Well? You know what, the other boys want the pot too, and you hold them up.
Stand at the end of the line! Andrew obediently gave up his place to the next boy, Sasha, who really endured the agonizing urge for much of his strength.
– Remember how to ask? – Lena asked Sasha – Come on! “Aunt Lena, I want to crap,” the boy squealed in embarrassment.
– So what is next? – Lena smiled, – What should you ask me? – Give a pot? – Sasha was confused.
– What does it mean to give? – Lena sternly looked at him. – They put the kids on the pot. Wild kitty bongacams.

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