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It-kai got up, laying down the mandolin.
Kneeling and drooping his head turned to theatrical hypocrisy: O Queen! “Is not the empress anymore, but only the queen?” Nastya thought angrily, “allow me to accompany you on a romantic walk, today is a wonderful night!” Izvolya
– It-kai stood up heavily, and grabbing Nastya by the hand dragged to the window.
“Hey, what are you doing !?” exclaimed the maiden in a short fright, “But here is the fifth floor!” Having thrown open a huge window, the dragon would climb, It-kai hugged Nastya tightly, and without listening to her protesting cries, jumped out of the window.
The heart went somewhere in the heel, a short smooth jerk (he spread his wings), then the wings flapped through the air, again a jerk, just a sharp one, again and again the blows of the wings, and now It-kai lets Nastya go to the warm roof of the tavern.
Nastya was breathing heavily — she was recovering her breath like a fish thrown ashore.
Looking fiercely at the kiuna, she opened her mouth to properly clean it (it doesn’t matter that she herself does not tolerate the mat), but It-kai put a graceful finger on Nastya’s lips.
Angry tirade with explanations of what to do with his relatives and these flights, broke off without starting.
Nastya raised her eyebrows, silently asking what was the matter.
It-kai nodded to the sky and removed his hand.
Nastya also looked at the night skies and gasped chokedly.
The sight

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was awesome! The sky, strewn with a myriad of stars, as if someone scattered in clusters, sparkled and shimmered with five northern lights, dancing sleeves, connecting all five multi-colored moons! One was small, the color of the sea, on a bright sunny day, from it a thin ribbon of northern lights connected to the second — larger, as two drops of water resembling the third, at the last edge of the rays had a golden color, while the second was white and silver.

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The twins, located nearby, were connected by a wide sowing of the North Poles.
The far, but huge, emerald moon connected with the third moon – the golden twin, the long and wide radiance of dancing lights.
The last fifth moon of a deep blue color, right on the horizon, ringed all these moons, with its majestic and huge northern ones.
How beautiful!.
This happens not so often.
It is believed that these ancient gods rejoice in their heavenly palaces.
– It-kai came up behind and tenderly embraced Nastya by the waist.
When the girl didn’t show any signs of discontent, Kiyun began to unbutton her shirt one button down, from the bottom to the throat to the stomach, in the navel of which was pierced.
Nastya threw back her head and laid it on her shoulder, continuing to look at the world miracle.
Winged smoothly pulling off his shirt, threw on the roof, tiled.
In the flickering light of the northern lights, Anastasia’s magnificent breasts were exposed, which It-kai began to gently massage and caress, Nastya’s nipples hardened by the skillful actions of the bard’s dexterous hands.
Continuing to work with his right hand, Kiun lowered his left down, running the tips of his claws along the skin of his abdomen, sending a shudder of excitement over Nastya’s body, from which she bent in the lower back, clinging to her lover.
With her free hands, Nastya unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles.
Having met no obstacles, the fingers of It-kai rubbed the girl’s pussy, rubbed it smoothly, and with three fingers entered Anastasia’s womb.
Working with masturbating movements, the winged boyfriend gave rise to one wave of excitement after another, running with lightning through the back of the head and to the waist, dissolving into the belly of the desire of male flesh. Wife webcam sex.

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